Boeing_747/8_fms_off - how to switch on?


I’m flying the 747/8 for the first time - but the FMS won’t come on - how do you switch it on?


You can’t turn them on. Are the displays on the instrument panel on?
If no, is the APU or external power on?

Yes everything on the display panel is on - APU is off.

But the external power is on, confirm?

where is the APU:


I see. You are running on battery power only. Neither external power is available, nor the APU generator.
The APU selector is on the right upper edge, move it to start and it will snap back to on.

ok I did that - turned it to start and switch came back to on. But nothing happened.

Yes. You can’t do anything wrong here.

they had AVAIL on them and now I switched them to on:


shall i switch avail to on?

avail to on.PNG

now they are on and still FMS is off.

Try this, just for testing, although it will most likely result in a serious problem when pushing back (if the APU doesn’t provide power)

Ok - now I’ll finish the flight - although I am unsure if I can land on ILS since there is no ILS Navigation available - and then I’ll try what you told me - in the meantime thanks for your help and I will let you know how things are going - probably tomorrow morning.

Eugenio Taliana

I am flying blind - I have no constraints on either.

Good night.

Without FMS you can’t enter the ILS frequency. Hopefully starting one engine will fix the FMC problem.

no I won’t start now - it is late here and I am hungry. So i’ll have to leave it there for today.

thanks once again.

The engine doesn’t start or the FMC?

You are welcome, too bad I couldn’t help.

I’ve started the game from the runway - everything was in the start position, only the FMC what off. But then I noticed and still went up. I tried to solve the problem while flying.

this happened to me with the Cessna Longitude - if I restart the game will be ok. So probably it is a bug.

Definitely a bug. With the engines running everything should be on of course.