Boeing_747/8_fms_off - how to switch on?

Seems to be a common problem…
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thanks once again.

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From the two posts you sent me - I noticed that if APU switch 1 and 2 are on and the flood switch is on too - everything is ok now.

flood on.PNG

thanks so much - now tomorrow I shall try to fly the 747 again - as today I had a problem because the vertical speed was not working, therefore I could not descend. I put the swith to on position and a descending rate of 2500 but nothing happened - I tried to get out of autothrottle - same thing - everything was stuck - so I’ll try tomorrow because I am dying with hunger . . . . thanks for now. You were very helpful.

Eugenio Taliana

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Have had that issue, reloading/restarting the flight fixes

Hi, this is a random bug that affects aircraft displays.

I started getting this issue after the last updated.

Well I can imagine, in fact whenever there is a new update on the one hand I am happy and on the other hand I am not, because everytime there is one there is always a problem - and I can imagine that this happens, because I’ve studied computer code and when you have such a huge programme and so many hands stirring in it - one person tries to fix something, and that same thing affects the programme somewhere else, and it is impossible for one person to do everything by himself. So this will take a lot of time, until one day a level of perfection is achieved.