Boeing 747-8: MCDU/FMC Black Blank Screen


Does anyone notice the blank, black MCDU screen on the 747-8 after starting from cold and dark?

Is there a solution or is it a bug issue?


Yes - I’ve got the same problem. It was working fine last time I flew the B748. Custom liveries and the default livery all show the same behaviour. I haven’t been able to find a way around the issue yet.

Hope someone else can find a solution or else this aircraft is not flyable without the FMC.


Ahh thank heavens I am not the only one with the problem.

I usually plan flights on the MCDU but instead I’ll have to plan flights on the main home screen before I press “Fly”

Same here! FMC screen is blank since the update. When using Salty-747 mod FMC screen is back on but apu will not turn on and some of the fuel pumps will not turn on either therefore can not start the engines :frowning:


Aparently it is due to A32NX conflict. It has to be uninstalled in order to use default 747-8. Hope it helps someone here.


Have the same problem. Flight planned from the main home screen and the flight started OK. After a couple hrs. the MCDU went blank and I can’t find a solution. Sounds like a bug to me. Oddly enough the VFR map shows the planned route and waypoints and the LNAV is tracking. Can’t wait to see what happens when I try to shoot the ILS.

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Yes I installed the salty mod ver 2.0 … at first it worked fine then all three fmc s went blank . Removed the salty mod … but screens are still blank . 787 and a320 mods are all good … it’s just the 747/8… has anyone worked this out yet …

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I also have this issue, decided to take a long haul flight but then my FMC was blank, cannot do anything about it. It was working fine earlier

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I found a temporary solution to the Black Screen on the MCDU of the 747-8:

Turn up the brightness of the AISLE STAND PANEL FLOOD KNOB!


Doing this has not worked for me :frowning:


Very interesting.

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No joy trying that for me…

i have the same problem may be it is from the a320, i will try to cancel it

the problem disappeared after deleted the -a32nx- from fly by wire team

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my problem with the black screen in the 747 was : AbadStudiosA319 , when out the community map no problem when in the community map black fmc in the 747 …

hope it helps for those with problems

worked for me today thanks… :smiley:

The suggested solution in this thread was to turn the aisle lighting up full, that didn’t work for me. What I needed to do was turn the landing lights off and back on again (my aisle lighting was already on full).

I see this problem was a while ago but it just started happening to me after the patch (Sep ‘22). If you “pop out” the screen using Right-Alt + Left-Click then you can see the displayed contents. The buttons still work and will update the other copy of the display.