Boeing 787 Dreamliner AP flying circles

Hi there,

I have the issue that the 787 starts to fly circles when AP is activated.
I set a IFR flight route via the ingame map before flight, then started the flight “cold and dark”. Pre-liftoff I have set ALT and activated FD, LNAV, VNAV, A/T and A/T ARM. (TOGO is beeing shown in MFD)
After liftoff at altitude ~ 3000ft I switch both AP on (left and right). The airplane starts to follow the designated path and climbs to the set altitude.
After a while of flying (like 10min after airbone) it starts to fly circles, looses altitude and then crashes to ground.
Why? What am I doing wrong? I also followed the guide here:

But the problem with flying circles persists.

These are good first steps you could try;

From Neo —experienced simmer, but these are considered optimal points to action before anything else

‘1. Make sure your flight model is set to Modern.
2. Set your assists to Hard/True to Life. Assists interferes with the autopilot. Keep them off.
3. AI Copilot Control should be off at all times.
4. Add at least 5-10% deadzone to all your primary flight controls, X, Y, Z axis’ Author Neo

It’s probably flying in circles because some waypoints are too close together and it can’t fly through them. To test this, try deleting the next waypoint indicated in the FLT PLN page and the one after it. Then the plane should fly toward a waypoint farther away. Also what is your Bank Angle switch set to?

A picture of the MFD and your flight plan would help

The problem occurs just sometimes. Might be good hint from @mdapol with too narrow waypoints.
But it also occurs during flight with long distance waypoints.

Last flight was this:

See where it circled, and I didn’t touch anything. Even FD pointed to a different direction.

Might be a bug considering this post: