Bonanza G36 Turbo Mod Available

I just wanted to share an excellent mod for the G36.

You can find it here:



Nice i will gige a try as soon as possible :wink:

nice mod, two of the bests mods are bonanzas =)

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Very nice indeed! Love the Force India livery too.

Absolutely A+! Even AP working when engaging (not forcing nose down like in the G36 Improvement Project mod). Happy to continue around the world tour, now with more powerful engine! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the work on the turbo version of the G36! The other g36 mod is wonderful, but this is the version I was hoping for.

One request if possible. Since we can now cruise higher, can we get a FIKI upgrade? This is definitely an option on the real aircraft through a TKS system and is almost a necessity if cruising that high on a consistent basis. Not sure how difficult that is to replicate, so just a suggestion, and loving the mod.

Does this work with the G1000 overhaul mod?

Raised an issue on the GitHub page. The G36 improvement project and this mod could share some of the enhancements to make both better. Or even better: merge the two mods (and still offer a turbo and non-turbo variant of course)

I think it would be a missed opportunity if we don’t do this


It sure does. It will even benefit from the enhanced G36 panel.

Works great with the G1000 mod. Flew from Prince Rupert to Sitka today.

I will say that the author is new at github and really only used it as a second hosting location, and it might be most effective to post in his thread on AVSIM with comments.

Awesome - was hoping for a turbo version eventually, looks like I got it sooner than expected. Will be giving this a shot tomorrow, thanks for taking the time to make this.

I love this! Just missing one feature, I would like the AP to understand to maintain altitude set by QNH 1013 if going above transision altitude (which is 5000 feet in my country). Now it uses altitude based on currect QNH all the time regardless what QNH is set by pilot. This was right in G36 Improvement Project though.

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I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the mod. The mod developer is well known for his amazing Realair airplanes for FSX/P3D. Here’s also a really nice guy!

Best regards.


Hopefully he’d like to join or merge his work with the G36 Improvement Mod team. Is he on this forum?

I’ve sent him a message on GitHub and Nexusmods already…

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Really a MUST !!!

Would be amazing to have both mods combined! The Improvement Mod is something I wouldn’t want to miss. I am assuming they aren’t compatible at the moment?

Are you using the Working Title G-1000 mod? It currently has a bug where the autopilot captures an altitude referenced to 29.92/1013 QNH no matter what the actual QNH may be. The default G-1000 does not do this.

Rob is working on an update. You can follow the progress of the update at avsim.

Is this mod compatible with the “z-bonanza-g36-improvement-project"?
When I included this mod, the simm crashed, forgot to take “z-bonanza-g36-improvement-project" out, so I guess they are not compatible. Anyway, flew from KLAX to KBFL, live weather, AP worked fine, although in mid flight the Garmin froze and and I could not change the ALT in the AP, I disconnected it, climbed manually, checked later, the Garmin was backed on, reconnected the AP, worked fine. I tried to input “direct to” while flying, very dificult, also there were no approaches in the Garmin for KBFL, the navdata of the simm should have some approaches in it. All in all the mod works fine, tried different engine inputs, the plane responded well, the trim worked well, and adjusting speed was excellent, use the ILS tro land in manual mode, worked fine. I had the G1000 mod also installed.

I don’t think they are compatible as both are changing things of the flight model.

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