Bravo Quadrant Recognised in the Sim but not Working?

Ok last week it was the MFG Crosswind now I have just got the Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

It is recognised by the sim, all the settings are there but nothing happens.

Do I need to remap all the controls ?

How do I remap to keep all the default controls ?

Are there downloadable profiles for different aircraft ?

The LEDS arent working even though I click the G:\Installed\Community\AFC_Bridge\bin\AFC_Bridge.exe

So I have installed the Driver and the bridge.exe doesnt make the LEDS turn on.

Ok Folks where to from here please, thanks in advance!

I had to rebind all levers. Autopilot buttons and knobs work. The Switches work too, but if you make a default set for copying you should bind them to your needs first. The leds work when in flight. I only installed the installer found on aerosoft website for the bravo.

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How do I know I am binding the same buttons to their default settings, do you know what I mean?

So basically throttle levers etc dont work but everything else does?

When did you click the bridge.exe to get the LEDS working ??

To get the LED’s to work you need to download this from Honeycomb’s website, scroll down and click Download Now next to Enable LED Lights:

I watched SimHanger’s video to setup the throttle/reversers:

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Exactly. Aerosoft has an installer. No need to use the bridge.exe any more. I had problems with the download-link. mentioned by @BattlePants1048.
I went to:
and registered to the forum. then downloaded it from there.

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I higly recommend watching this video for setup: 5 configurations for Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant in MSFS 2020. - YouTube
I only reconfigured the bindings for the levers (throttle, mixture, prop). Because somehow they seem to be bound but don’t work. First unbind, validate then bind, validate again. All the other buttons work (at least for me).

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And belive me, I almost went crazy fiddeling around with the setup. I had to try a lot with the levers, because of the two different entries for the throttle axis (-100 - 100 and 0 - 100). I had to use the oposite axis than in the video and I have no clue why :slight_smile:

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Thank you so very much, I will watch this one to get things going, greatly appreciated thank you

Have you download the new update today? It should be fixed now. It works for me now using the default preset.

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Ok so I dont need to click on bridge in the World Map to show the lights on the Quadrant is that correct ??

Watching this one too thank you so much!!

Ok hahaha I hope I dont get to scared lol

So your saying I dont need to reconfigure the Quadrant at all, it should work out of the box??

(with today’s update) Correct, use the default preset , AXIS are well configured for dual engine aircraft now. Plus the “reverse axis” is checked by default so all good to go. My only suggestion is to clear the mapping/binding for “Set Autopilot VS hold” (it’s not supposed to be there, button 20 is used for the VS bug/knob select)
Other than that, happy flying :slight_smile:

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Ok so whatever button is currently selected for Set Autopilot VS hold” cheat it?

It’s that what your saying, those is the first time looking at this do I want to be clear what your saying thank you

yup, just clear it and the VS will work as intended.

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ok thank you very very much

Another question when I use a 4 engine aircraft is it immediately picked up and recognized by the quadrant?

Literally its just that one setting and all aircraft will be configured for the quadrant ?

Sadly, it does not have more than 1 default preset so the answer is no, you have to create a new profile for the 4 engine aircraft. Which is easily covered in this youtube video

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So basically the current bravo default profile is missing what, my question is around missing mappings, how do I get a full correct mappings for the bravo, do I copy the default bravo profile and what?

I need to know im not missing mappings and want to know the best way to make mappings to ensure i have not missed anything when i copy a profile.

Do i start with the default one and copy that, how do i know whats missing also??