Bravo Reverse Button #11 not working anymore

Last night my reverse thrust (decrease thrust binding), button #11 stopped working on my Bravo. The removable levers function, it’s the base lever (position #4) that stopped working. The copper contacts are not damaged and clean. I filed a ticket with Honeycomb. Anyone else have buttons fail?

For now I’ve assigned button 10, engine 1 throttle/reverse to activate reverse thrust for both engines.

Makes me concerned over the overall quality of the Bravo.

Just had the same thing happen except with button 10.

That sucks. Honeycomb told me to send it in for repair. 3 weeks!

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Thats lame, I have barely used mine. I just submitted a ticket. Hopefully it gets fixed. What exactly did they say to you?

That my unit would need to be shipped back to the factory for repair or replacement. 3 weeks when they get it. I may not send it in, I can map one reverse button for both engines. Still lame tho.

Yeah I did the same for now. Its really annoying to wait 3 weeks without a throttle for but at the same time I also don’t want to just leave it broken either, especially considering I just got the throttle.

For me I don’t see a time where I would need to apply reverse thrust on just one engine, so I’m not going to send the unit back. Now, if more contact points fail, then yes. I just hope this isn’t an overall QC issue. One critique is the reverse levers feel thin and have potential wear issues over time. My Alpha (knock on wood) has been a champ!

Yeah I hear that, practically speaking I will probably always use them at the same time. I just don’t like the idea of having something broken on the Bravo so soon after getting it.

It does feel flimsier overall compared to the alpha yoke. Especially as I haven’t use the Jet throttles that much yet. I only started using them again after getting the CRJ (which is when I noticed they broke.)

Yes, not a good feeling that the brand new product has a failure. I guess for the price point it’s not an expensive controller, then again, I literally beat the ■■■■ out of my CH gear and they still work. I think it’s a general decline in circuit board/wiring connector quality. Dollars to donuts a wire has come loose on my #4 axis. I bet I could fix it, but I won’t mess with it until the warranty expires.

well i just got mine in the mail and the reverse button on the 4th jet throttle doesn’t get recognized by windows at all, the other 3 work fine. ugh…i guess i’ll just map the reverser to the 3rd throttle so it reverses both engines 3 and 4 and make pretend? you always reverse all at the same time anyway.

So we should start doing a tracking method of where the Bravo throttles are coming from and the dates of when you ordered and when it arrived. I just got my Bravo throttle quadrant Monday but haven’t made it to the CJ4 yet for key mapping.

Bought from: Xplane Website
Purchased: 16 April 2021
Arrived 19 April 2021

Ill have to check for a label for serial information and other details.

There are some basic troubleshooting tips you could try before shipping things off.

First always check the profile bindings. There’s many reports of them changing, especially after updates. Sometimes randomly. I’ve had it happen several times.

Move the faulty lever to another position and see what happens. This may rule out the lever or something in the base.

Look up inside the base of the lever. Those pins are spring loaded. Check that one isn’t stuck and that they move easily.

just had the same issue with button 11. reverser 3 not working… I alreayd have a ticket on alpha LAN cable issue and its been 6 months where I get one response every month… starting to regret buying anything from them now…

I hope another button doesn’t fail on me. If it does, I’ll wait until the warranty expires and open up the case. I saw another post where someone opened the case and found wires disconnected.

This seems to be an engineering issue, especially on the middle two levers (or maybe those are just what I use the most). I lost button 10 (reverser) on lever 3, and button 31 (go around) on lever 4. It’s faulty contacts inside of the quadrant itself… button 10 works but only in a very narrow range of lever position at around 80 %.

Had my unit hardly a year. I think I’m gonna be sending it in for RMA, but it sucks, I was otherwise really happy with it. I even bought the Airbus lever pack. :frowning:

P.S.: How are your RMA’d units holding up? Did any more buttons failed? I suspect that the issue is with really units, that’s probably what I get for pre-ordering.

2 months ago my bravo’s go around button stopped working on the first (left) axis.
So under warranty they replaced my bravo with a new one.

BUT NOW the same thing has started happening on this replacement unit😡
So I’m off to create a new ticket.

It’s not the button as it works on the other axis’s
I use this button to activate the brakes so I hold it down when braking

So is this a bad wire, solder joint or a deeper electronic problem?
Is holding the button down to brake causing something to fail?
Am I unlucky or is this a very common problem?
Do I get a 12mth warranty on the replacement units?

This is so frustrating

I’m sorry this happened to you, I feel your frustration. This is definitely an engineering issue. I’m glad I didn’t send my unit in. I do enjoy the Honeycomb line, but I have to admit the long term reliability doesn’t seem to be there. I would go so far to say the overall build quality is below Thrustmaster. I have the TCA Airbus stick and the build quality on that looks far superior. I bet the TCA will work perfectly for decades, vs HC will break down.

Last time it happened to me it started with just that one button on the left axis BUT then a cascade of failures happen over the next few days, other buttons stopped working etc!

So I’d like to know if this is just a simple case of a wire rubbing where it shouldn’t be (eg mechanical) or if it’s an electrical component like an ic or processor that is failing (electrical)

I’m contemplating asking for my money back BUT I fricken love the Bravo (when it’s working) and there’s no other product in it’s price range that is as versatile.

My biggest concern that it’s now nearly 12 months since I bought the original unit so if a 2nd replacement unit fails in a few months, will they still honour the warranty!

This appears to be a problem that will only get worse as these Bravo units start aging a little. I just RMA’d mine this past week and am now waiting for them to ship me a replacement. For me it was the TOGa button that was not working and after watching the video below it became clear exactly what the problem is. A quick look down into throttle slot one with a flashlight revealed two clearly broken wires as you can see in the photo.

Below is a video that was posted in another thread that shows exactly what is happening to these very small and fragile wires. They are not properly routed or secured with any kind of strain relief and therefore after many cycles of back and forth they simply become so weak at the bend joint they just snap off their anchor point. I thought about attempting to fix mine myself but decided to let Honeycomb replace the unit first. I’m quite certain, based on this video that the only way to fix this problem is to do what the video author did but it definitely will require some near surgeon skills and surely void any warranty you might have left.


Thanks for linking that video
That is probably is what was happened to both my units

But that video gives me zero confidence that any replacement unit is going to last!

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