Bravo Reverse Button #11 not working anymore

I agree. I only hope that they receive enough returns due to this problem that they re-engineer those wires/routing/strain relief to prevent this from happening. But I’m afraid even if they do that it will likely be some time down the road and we that are suffering, in the meantime will have to provide our own fix.

In my initial email to start my RMA ticket I mentioned that these broken wires seemed to be a somewhat common problem with the hopes that they would respond favorably (as in “yes, we are aware of the problem and taking steps to remedy it”), but there was no response to my comment. So I am anticipating this flaw to occur in my replacement unit, just as you have found. :angry:

Every bone in my body will want to pull the replacement unit apart and hot glue those wires in place but that would void the warranty!

Quite honestly I’d prefer they fix my return unit properly then simply give me a new Bravo

The recent batch of Bravo’s also seems to have some quality issues. I received my first Bravo two weeks ago with the third switch from the left dead. Received another unit today with the middle switch dead…

I tested both with a USB hub that shows bus activity for each connected device. All but the dead ones produced activity on the bus.

….and what’s really frustrating is Honeycomb is not answering my enquires (ticket) :rage:

OK I got a reply from Honeycomb and they have confirmed that the replacement Bravo will have it’s full 12 month warranty

Noting that as I’m in Australia I returned the Bravo to the shop I bought it from. They don’t repair, just replace. The shop is The Gamesmen and they are pretty fast responding, my only grip is it’s costs me $25 AUD shipping every time I send it back.

Even tho I asked, Honeycomb didn’t reply with any details regarding if this engineering fault has been rectified!

It has not. I just received my replacement Bravo and those wires appear to be just as fragile and with the poor routing as they ever were. If this happens again I will probably just attempt a solid repair myself and avoid the nearly one month it took to get the replacement.

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I also have broken wires on my Bravo. I just initiated the RMA procedure yesterday. They were quick for initial response, but I am now waiting for further instructions.

Man, this sucks. I always thought Honeycomb was top quality.
I was looking forward getting one someday, but with that built-in self-destruct I’d rather not.

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yup it’s a pretty poor design flaw in what’s otherwise a fantastic product

I’ve stuck with them only because there is nothing on the market that comes close to their functionality and price point

I’m on my 3rd unit now and the replacement turn around from the Gamesmen in Australia is just under 2 weeks. Once the warranty runs out I’ll fix it myself and modify to solve the problem if it happens again

Well, before checking profile bindings, i would suggest taking a look in Windows “USB Game Controller Settings” Panel to see, if the “Button” is reacting at all …

Be aware that only shows up to button 32

Also try moving the lever to different a different axis to see if the button works there!

My Bravo has also failed on me, it’s possible to see the (4) broken wires from the outside. Awaiting instructions on what to do with my unit.

Crud. I just looked in mine and sure enough almost all the wires on all 6 axis’ are broken… Really only noticed as I just started flying the PMDG 737.

yup it’s such a common problem with the Bravo
Contact the store you brought it from. Even if it’s out of warranty they may still replace it! I’ve heard of a couple where the store honoured the warranty because it’s such a common engineering design fault of the unit.

It has a two year manufacturers warranty but what a pain in the ■■■. I’m debating opening it up myself and beefing up the wires as posted earlier in this thread… Edit: nope not doing that.

In Australia it was stated as a 1 year warranty.
I watched the video and thought ■■■■ trying that that :rofl:

I’ll only try the fix it if they won’t replace the unit and only then if I really really miss the button BUT a warning; my first unit had a cascading failure of other buttons including the AP about 3 weeks after the first go-arround button failed!

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But it seems that they’ve done nothing in the manufacturing process to mitigate this issue. So the unit you get as a replacement is built the exact same way as the unit that you just returned for a failure. I’m on my second unit which so far has performed well but if/when it does fail, I will be doing my own repair with a more robust wire connection or routing.

I’m on my 3rd :man_shrugging:
This one has lasted the longest so far

Jesus… I just got my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo quadrants in the mail yesterday, I noticed that my reverser does not work, I believe it is the same button too… Kinda disappointing to see it’s a common issue.