Bravo Reverse Button #11 not working anymore

That would be a different button and probably a different issue as this issue is caused by wires breaking from the movement of the throttles over time

By looking in the Windows Game Controller you should see a button turn red when you pull the throttle lever full down past the indent. If you see a Botton turn red it means it’s not the Bravo

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I will look into it, thanks for the tip!

As GruesomeEight explained, your TR’s are not the issue and you likely just need to bind them properly. The problem many of us have been plagued with is the TO/GA button on throttle 1, which becomes frayed over time due to poor routing or insufficient strain relief on those wires. They are extremely small (like 24 or 26 gauge) and it does not take much to fray them.


God you wouldn’t beleive it
My 3rd Bravo unit has developed the same broken wire fault on the second axis from the left.
It’s still under warranty but is such a pain having to have to send it back again :rage:

The last two units have failed after about 6 months of use (3-5 times a week for a couple of hours)

I wonder if they have solved this engineer problem?

Sorry to hear this. My replacement unit has not had the problem and I have several hundred hours on it by now. Hopefully you get a good one next time. The odds must be in your favor.

Wow. For such a spendy product I hope they really realize the problem and work on this, luckily I have not had this issue yet. I’ve had my alpha and bravo for about 3 months now.

Yup I’m now on my 4th unit so I guess I’ll find out in about 6-12 mths if they’ve solved the engineering design fault. I’m suprised I don’t hear more people complaining about this!

BTW the reverse button #11 not working is a bit missleading because it can affect the reverse button on any of the 5 axis’s.

Bravo owners should check to see if their reverse button (Go-Around Button) is working on all 5 axis’s as any axis can suffer the same broken wire fault.

My experiance has mainly been broken wires on first 3 from the left as they get the most use.

So booked on my google calander a reminder about a month before my warranty runs out to check all axis’s. I’m kinda hoping that I find another faulty wire so I can get another brand new unit :stuck_out_tongue:

…and I still don’t regret purchasing it as there is nothing out there that comes close to it’s funcatiionality, versatility and ease of setup for it’s price.

Agreed. Nothing comes close.

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