BravoAirspace 787-8 coming soon?

Is there an American Airlines available for Xbox? If so , where?

I Don’t remember seeing it.

Ah darn. Well I still ended up getting it. I’m on Xbox X. Works fine.

No update for the 787-8 has been released. Very disappointing and unfortunately she has to stay in the hanger.

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Doesn’t look like it will be this week either

As of 6/5/2024: UPDATE-1 had to be revised. It will be sent to Microsoft today. We sincerely apologize for the delay. We will be posting what’s included in the update.

Looks like they promise too much and blame always somebody else.

…Lost confidence on them.

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It takes at least 3-4 weeks for an update to reach us Xbox users. If they have submitted it now, it will usually be nothing before July. I only used it twice. I am back to the Asobo 787-10 and 4simmers 787-9 because they can use simbrief without any problems and can also take over everything else from simbrief directly. I find this more comfortable and then prefer to do without the cabin.

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Will they release it anywhere else not just on the market place?

I try to avoid the market place at all costs.

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I would like to know that too. Not going to buy an airplane addon where updates are crucial on Marketplace.

We didn’t blame anyone except ourselves. Before we upload, many checks must be done to ensure the updates are in working order. Rushing out anything always leads to unseen issues on release.

We’ve spoken to Microsoft, and we will follow up with them to ask them to release the update as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, at this time, it is just on the marketplace.
Simmarket is another alternative that we will consider uploading.

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It’s coming, buddy.

Is this a different 787-8 than what came out last week? Wish I knew about this, now whether to buy another version or hope an AAL livery comes out for the prior one.

Why? To me, it’s frustrating when items aren’t there because Xbox users are left out then

Its the same! Once the update hits the marketplace you will have it. You don’t have to buy anything extra.


Cool. Thanks. Looking forward to it

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Correct. Thanks @Ffortuna


Because it’s crap, updates take forever.

A Thursday has passed, and next week there’s no dev update so I take it no marketplace updates.

When is this update and livery coming?

The update is coming Tuesday or Thursday. If you check the marketplace the product got updated.