Bredok3D 747-8 Liveries Sound Pack doesnt work White Screens

Hey Hello Everyone :slight_smile: I guess I am not the only one with the 747 white screen issue. I bought few month ago the Bredok3D Livery Sound Pack and since the AAU2 update its doesnt work anymore. Why this company doesnt update it, I paid 10 Dollar and would like to use the product.


Please do not post issues with third party products in Big Reports. Bug Reports is for first-party issues only, including liveries and aircraft made or contracted by Microsoft or Asobo.

Also, if you do log a bug:

  1. Please do not delete the bug template. It is supposed to be filled out.
  2. Please do not tag the post with xbox, steam, ms-store. Please only tag it with the platform you experienced the issue on.

Thank you.

You should contact their support at

we did but no response until now, my friend bought the pack too, we dont know why Bredok3D do not update the product and why still sell it on the marketplace with that white screen issue after the AAU2 update.

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