Bright Green Textures On Scenery

Hi can anyone shed any info to why my FS is doing this? thanks

Happening around EGNS
(The green highlighted squares follow flight path direction around the aircraft)

Same, shows just how close the 1st LOD ring is. This is all at max:

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If you think that’s bad try low flying from the Calf of Man in a microlight at dusk or dawn… It’s like flying in a disco

Logged with Asobo about a month ago so should be fixed sometime in 2025

Checked it… awful ! These are ground textures with the top LOD detail much lighter than the lesser detailed layers of the texture. I’ve tested LOD 50% to 200% the deviation is always visible. It can be corrected… should be corrected… :frowning_face:

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Magic-mushroom trip in Mexico, near MM03:

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Was hoping the latest update would fix the Isle of Man … Nope it’s still broken! Which is such a shame as it’s such a great place for us low and slow flyers.

Obviously there’s not enough Manxmen to vote this up so I’m sorry but I’m just going to have to keep nagging… Come on Asobo it can’t be that difficult or if it is then an explanation would be nice.

Come on Asobo flying around the Isle of Man and into EGNS really is awful with the lime green scenery (LOD issue) Please can you fix it?

Surely it can’t take much to do!

Besides voting you can file a “ticket” through the support menu at the top of this page… It takes only a minute, the more that file a support ticket the more chance of a fix.(hopfully)

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To be fair it’s actually the Bing data that is broken, seemingly with optimisations forgotten by whoever did the UK and Ireland update.

Dear Bing, it’s a lovely day today so could you please swing your satellites by the island for some pretty new pictures and while you’re there please pop by the Laxey Wheel and build a stunning 3D model.

Same here … still not fixed it seems.