Bright sunlight when inside clouds

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Even when flying through thick dark cloud, the sun is still shining brightly on the aircraft making it look totally unrealistic.

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Yes, this still happens with SU5 hotfix 2. Sadly this is hinders the immersive feeling of flying inside clouds. Here is an example of flying into clouds. Note the little to no change in the sun casting shadows over the dashboard.


And here is an example of how it should look & feel…


Perfect videos to demonstrate the problem, thanks for the contribution.


Its sad that in Dez. 2020 Msfs looked like this. Just look the way clouds are casting shadows over cockpit. Very beautiful
Asobo should change the way they are aproaching sim optimizations. Lowering default graphic quality to everyone instead of creating aditional options to ones who need is not killing the sim but is making a much less enjoyable experience.
Optimization is giving better quality with same speed or increase speed without sacrifice visual quality.


Nice video! without being harsh towards developers…I think it’s likely something either need re-tuning or a bug. We do get some cloud shadows inside the more extreme dense CB clouds, but little to no otherwise. That shows that the rendering engine is well capable…as it was before, it’s likely that they didn’t looked into those use-cases. And actually, even those dense CB’s needs tuning and make things much more darker.

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Thanks everyone, I agree, the clouds are too light when you are inside them and don’t give the impression of being inside a cloud at all. It should go much darker I believe.


Several thousand feed below cloud top.

Also in general, before SU5 the clouds looked much more realistic. Now they are sometimes much too dark, almost black.


Would love to see this fixed, as you can be below 7000feet of clouds and its a bright as a sunny day

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@AndyXPO Did you file to zendesk?

I did, status is still listed as “open” and I’ve had no communication from them.

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Can be a bug but it looks downgraded almost last-gen graphics and lightning contrast. Just awful tbh. I really hope that Asobo appoint this issue in the upcoming update. Or the downgrade is real


Honestly feels like fsx sometimes like cmon

Hopefully this is fixed in WU6

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Asobo please fix your cloud lighting, its looks hideous :frowning:


what it looked like before SU5

So when do we get our realistic pre-SU5 lighting back? Has this bug been logged with the devs?


Have reported to zen desk but with only 38 votes I don’t think it will even be on their list of things to fix unfortunately.

I’m surprised more people haven’t noticed it, its such an eye sore!

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Well I was hoping this might have been fixed in the recent update. I’ve experimented and unfortunately it looks like it hasn’t changed. I doubt it will be addressed in the hot fix so I’ll try and ask the question the the next live Q/A whenever they reschedule that for.