Bring Forza Horizon asphalt / gravel into MSFS

I recently played the newest addition of Forza Horizon and the tech they use for asphalt etc looks incredibly close to real life. I know there are texture packs but not even they come close to this level of detail. It would be amazing to land on those surfaces!!

Update: Image Gallery of Forza Horizon 5 tarmac etc:


Haven’t picked up FH5 just yet (though I will), they’re better than REX though?


The graphics in Horizon 5 are stunning, would be great if they shared some of that programming code with FS. I am not going to hold my breath however. But none the less it would be fabulous


Agree! also the “feel” when driving over water or dirt is something that I wish for FS


Yea, like you can reaally see the depth. They use some technology i think that puts multiple layers of texture on top of each other, its not flat.

YES! That too!

I moved this into Wishlist so people can vote on it. I think it would be great if you could edit your first post and attach a screenshot or two so that those of us who don’t play Forza Horizon would know what it looks like!


Is it tessellation?

If they could get the same sandstorm effect in FS and also use it for winter storm, it would be incredible!
Here are a few shots but it does not capture the movement of the sand.

Some water

Don’t mind the condition of my Bronco, I rolled it a few times. :joy:

I will take some pictures of the asphalt and gravel too


Here are a few more showing asphalt and gravel as well as the quality of trees and bushes.


The other thing I like are the smoke effects and tire marks after a burnout. Not to mention the trees sway in the wind.

Gratuitous smoke show! :grin:

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that might be what its called, isnt that the amount of bushes and such tho?

Done! Thanks :smiley:

Woooow, that looks awesome. Pardon me for a minute while I pick my jaw off the floor! :+1: :+1:

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Playground Games has done an amazing job with the ground textures. From what I’ve heard they’re made with something they internally call ‘Recipies’; a mix of maximum 5 different ground layers to make everything more realistic.

I also bought FH5 and have a blast with it. Right now, it’s the only reason I haven’t flown this week :sweat_smile:

I plan on starting FH5 tonight. Got it a few days ago, but have been too busy to play. I hope it’s as advertised. LFG!!!

Bringing their ground/tire friction and physics modeling into the flight sim could be VERY useful too.

Awesome! Some great shots

Check out the detail in the terrain just off the track too. Flight Simulator could really use some autogen like this for bush flying. Landing off field is kind of blah right now.

Tire smoke was so much better before SU5. Now even on Ultra it’s just hard to look at. All the color banding and grain… Shame on Asobo!