Budget friendly GPU upgrade from RTX2060 6GB?

I have the 2060 6GB, and honestly, I’ve been very impressed with this little card for the most part. At high settings, at 1440p, I usually always get >30fps which is just fine for me. However, there are times, especially with addon scenery that it just can’t keep up and I become GPU limited.

Seeing as DLSS makes glass displays look terrible, I can’t use DLSS. So I can either turn everything down to low and gain 5fps (whats the point?) or I have to drop the resolution to 1080p (which gives a significant performance boost, but looks naff).

The short of it is that the 2060 struggles too much at 1440p. So what would be a decent upgrade that won’t also break the bank? I’m inclined to stick with nVidia, but I’m open to AMD or Intel too if it’s a good deal. I pretty much only play MSFS or otherwise older, not particularly demanding games. I’m not too interested in FrameGen - at least not in MSFS2020, cus DX12 is buggy, but it might be better in MSFS2024?

It depends a bit on the cpu you are using, but you will do nothing wrong buying any 4070 series card.

CPU is i5-12400f. The 4070 is what I’ve looked at, but tbh it’s quite pricey. Not unaffordable, but I’m just sort of loathe to spend that much for essentially one game. I wondered if the 4060 16GB would be adequate? Surely it is a vast improvement over the 2060?

From experience, the 3070 ti does a very good job at 1440p and wouldn’t be as pricey as a 40 series card.
This will of course move the bottleneck back onto the CPU, but you’re always going to have a limit somewhere, regardless of the pc build.

Yes indeed. Honestly my only concern with the 3070 is it has only 8GB RAM. That’s why I’m open to other brands as I know AMD have better VRAM usually.

I went from the 2060 to a 3070 in 1440p and it is fine in this game and a big step up - HOWEVER it does lack VRAM if you also play other newer non-flightsim titles.

To be honest I would wait till 2024 comes out and see what people say is needed to run 2024.

Yeah, I probably will wait until MSFS2024 tbh.

The AMD 7800XT is under $500, has 16GB of Vram, performs better than a 4070 and will work well with the sim. I do agree MSFS 2024 may change things however it may be another 6 months. :man_shrugging:

MSFS 2024 will most likely lighten the load off the gpu so most will see an improvement regardless of which specific gpu you have. Quite frankly though, I don’t think it’s going to be earth shattering. :wink:

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You can’t go wrong with an Nvidia 40series card except the price. Even a 4070 super will do on high settings and 12gb vram will suffice if you keep textures, LOD settings below ultra.

I have a 4080 super. It’s not budget friendly but FG makes a big difference in cpu bound scenarios.

DLSS is still blurry but it still better than FSR.

I upgraded from a 2060 to a 3060 Ti last year. I run everything on Ultra at 1440 and its fine.

Start mixing in payware airports, complex planes, photogrammetry, scenery enhancements. That will demand much more than a 3060ti. 8GB just isn’t enough for that task.

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I like this suggestion.

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I have plenty of those installed and it works fine, no issues.

Or you could go with the Intel Arc 770 that has 16GB. It is working well for me with my i7-12700K . $300 on Amazon.
If you can wait until July, we may know more about the hardware specs for MS2024. I’m hoping that the MS/AS team will provide some guidance about this at the FSExpo at the end of June.


My two cents: shoot for 16GB VRAM or more on any GPU you get.

Absent a budget estimate, here are the contenders IMHO:

ARC 770 has 16GB VRAM, there are some posts with real life experience on this forum with users satisfied with its price/performance ratio
RX6800XT, can be found at very good prices on the used market, in many benchmarks in performs better than 7800XT.
4070 Ti Super is considered by some as the gold standard of 16GB VRAM cards due to its performance and Nvidia specific features.

My personal preference is the 20GB 7900XT as I prioritize raw, rasterization performance and memory amount.

For a pricing comparison, brand new:

Pricing ranges from 280USD to 790USD at this moment.

What CPU / PSU you currently have may impact the choice.


Do you know more about taking the load off the GPU?

Does that mean making better use of CPUs with a lot of cores?

I’m on a 28 core Intel Xeon here with 4.4ghz max speed (2.5ghz base) and Flight Sim at the moment hardly bothers it. It mostly does nothing.

For work purposes that machine is getting upgraded to dual Radeon Pro W6800 Duo (64GB each card with a hardware link between them) so I’ll be interested to see what MSFS2024 might do there. That upgrade wasn’t for Flight Sim but of course I’ll try it anyway, why wouldn’t you. :wink:

I do like the AMD 7800XT with 16GB RAM, it’s a good price too, around AUD$800.

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I did find this on the MSFS 2024 FAQ thread:

In the MSFS 2024 FAQ posted 12 June was the following comment:

  • Improved multithreading to improve performance
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I believe 2024 is going to utilize multi-threading better. So it’s actually more likely to put greater load on the CPU, but that’s good because a lot of cores are underutilized in 2020. I suspect the GPU load will be similar, but potentially it could also be higher with 3d trees & ground tessellation.


Current MSFS mainly uses a single thread but also seems to partially use half a dozen other threads.

In current MSFS it is single core performance that matters the most when choosing a CPU, some people even disable multithreading (though on my 9900K it seemed to make no significant difference).

It sounds like MSFS 2024 will indeed distribute the load better. We will see.

The GPU market is just such trash atm. It used to be I could buy a xx70 series card for $500-$600 my local currency. Now a 4070 is at least $1000. Alternatively you can pay around $600-$700 for a 4060/7600XT. Both of which have terrible $/fps ratio. It’s nice that Intel have come to the table, but the ARC is far from mature and while it might be a OK in MSFS it does absolutely terrible in some other games.

Then you look at the 2nd hand market and probably the most reasonable upgrade would be a 3070, but that’s only 8GB VRAM. Which is kind of odd considering an RTX2060 12GB was a thing.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t play MSFS and then I wouldn’t even need to think about it, lol.