[BUG] Cockpit Camera - Toggle Copilot View

Completely broken. When i press shortcut key - camera jumping and quick return to pilot camera.


jup. And applying new key bindings won’t work aswell

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Can confirm this.
Copilot view can no longer be triggered by the assigned button.


same issue here

Same. With that and toggle landing view, same issue.

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Same for me too

Same issue here too

Remove or change the virtual cockpit key and it works again.
Or press ctrl-1 to ctrl-0, not the best option, but that also works.

My key settings and graphics settings are totally messed up with this update.

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I tried binding to a different key on my Joystick, but no better; like you said, just flicks slightly and maintains pilot view. Can’t get a quick look at my ADF indicator…

Same for me after last update. My previous bindings to Copilot and Landing Views not working anymore. With Copilot it seems that it try to do, but it cannot and returns inmediatly. With Landing View, not even so.
I would like to add that the behaviour of Cockpit views has been always kind of problematic. With Instruments and Fixed Views you can use --and mapping-- the Next / Previous View command, so you can go accross all of them, in their categories. But this has been never possible to me, in Cockpit Views. Teoretically the Commands are there, in the Assignements Menu, but I have tried many times to assign them without success.

Jub. Both landing and copilot views are broken. Fix this please!!

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And after… Still broken… :man_facepalming:

Would you care to explain it better ? What is a “Virtual Cockpit Key” ???
I’ve tried removing almost every camera key assignment and it DOESN"T work…

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Seems he not understand what we talking about. There is no any solution. Landing camera not work. Copilot work sometimes if you very fast toggle keybind. Like a cobra.

He doesn’t indeed… When he mentioned “Virtual Cockpit key” I started scratching my head lol…
Let’s hope they fix this soon !!! I’ve already voted !

Still an issue with latest patch. Seriously what the heck, this makes VFR flying really annoying

Still an issue after today’s patch. This is really annoying for sightseeing VFR.

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And you guessed it…still an issue after World Update IV.

You mean in Sim Update 4 =) Yes, it’s still issue

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I have a workaround to have the copilot view (as a custom view) and also the toggle for the landingview. I’ll post more tomorrow when I’m back at home.

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