[BUG LOGGED] Anoying "dot" cursor and mouse when switching inside/outside view

Hello everyone

I noticed some very annoying thing in VR when you jump between cockpit view and outside view: When you go “outside” and then back into the cockpit, you still see a big white dot in the middle… our you see two big mouse cursors floating around.
They only disapear when you move the mouse.
So each time you get the view back into the cockpit, you have to move the mouse just to get rid of this annoying white dot or the floating mouse cursors.

Anyone else having this issue?
Is this a “feature” that can be disabled somewhere in the settings?

Thanks a lot,

Same here. Really annoying


Me too… I ll try to see if I can disable it… What controller are you using ?

Same here…

Xbox controller

I’m on Xbox Controller too (flying on PC)
There needs to be a way to disable this nonsense :confused:


I found a fix for the Dot! Click your middle Mouse button and its gone! Holy!

But unfortunately you always have to click it again as soon as you want to use your Mouse to click some buttons. And click it again to make it disappear.

That’s nice, thank you. But I would not fully call it a solution since you also always have to click to bring the cursor back.
Asobo should just fix and to the state it was before the SU5.

I found that too while I was pressing all the mouse buttons to remove it but it’s not practical to do it each time…but thanks

I am also suffering of the Dots or the cursor which always reappear in SU5. Even when i make it disappear with middle mouse button, it comes again after perhaps increasing or decreasing throttle with the XBOX Controller Trigger Buttons. Very annoying.

Two big mouse cursors obscure the middle of vr view. One for each eye. When moving mouse I get three cursors for a second. Together with the sluggish menu reaction it renders almost unplayable. Asobo please test before release!

On current version this also happens by just looking around. And sometimes disables all flight controls/controllers until you move the mouse.

Just trying MSFS 2020 with VR for the first time today so was looking to see could I find feedback relating the mouse icon / white dot icon and this was the closest I found. Yeah same for me, both the white dot and mouse arrow seem to appear and are very difficult to get out of the way.

I think my summary of VR with MSFS 2020 is that it needs a good few days of testing by a few of the MSFS team and spot / remove most of these annoyances. But wow its a fantastic game and in VR even more so, great job to the team.

Just a few of these niggles removed and I will be very happy.

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I am also having this problem. If I go from outside view of plane to the cockpit view I see two mouse pointers and have to move mouse off to side to get them to go away. Very annoying!

This has got to be fixed. It is infuriating!

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I had this exact problem, then I changed my pre-SU5 mouse control profile to the new default and It appears to have gone away. :crossed_fingers:t2:

EDIT: Spoke too soon. It’s still happening, but less. Also, parking the mouse cursor on a panel window between view switches seems to help, but the problem comes roaring back when I don’t.

Really hoping to see a proper fix to this in SU6. Pretty please.