[BUG LOGGED] ATC asking for descent in to terrain?

I’m not sure what I did to upset them… But that is cold…

I think ATC has lost it.

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Well at least it tells you to descent, mine flies on cruise level over the destination airport :frowning:


My ATC told me to descend to negative 4000 feet…


The best part is when you are 10 miles from the airport and it tells you to descend, then climb, then descend. I get so confused. I cancel IFR and circle to land. I have a lot of issues with that over Colorado. The other day I did a Tucson to Phoenix flight and I forgot to reset the cruising altitude in Navlog before going into the flight. I finally reached 40,000 ft 5 miles south of PHX and by then the approach mode of course would not load. This sim requires you to be on it all the time and outsmart the AI. Sometimes it is more stressful than really flying (except for the whole there are no resets in real life thing).


I don’t know why I can’t like your post, it definitely made me giggle… I had the same issues going into KDEN last night from KSFO.

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Are we saying the forum to report bugs now has bugs itself? Now that would be funny. I did not see the like buttons either until I scrolled all the way to the top and then back down to the bottom again.



Technically this isn’t the correct place to report bugs. Instead bugs should be reported using Zendesk. Bugs can be discussed on the forums to come up with ideas, and potential workarounds.


I asked around, it’s because I’m unlikable. :open_mouth:

Maybe I should not have asked around home… the wife and kids are a tough crowd. :thinking:


Instead of “like” in the bug forum, now we have the option to “vote” for a new issue. Just below and left of the topic title.

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For me, if I get an ATC that can’t choose a flight level (up down up down up down), request a new one, and (most of the time) that kicks it to behave.

But yea, if get 3 requests in under 2 minutes that returns me to my original FL, I pop that new FL request in. Works like a charm

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I’ve seen that several times. Tells me to expect dme approach then goes radio silent.

Oof, yeah, I hit the same issue flying into KSEA airspace after many hours aloft.

ATC needs some work and improvement in the sim. Especially improve VFR comm and make the phraseology more realistic. VFR comm and procedures in the US versus Europe is quite different. Would love to see this modelled in the sim.


The Default ATC is essentially the ATC fro

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After having a similar thing happen today, I have come to the conclusion that ATC in this simulator might be even more of a joke than the built-in ATC in x-plane.

And that is quite an achievement, because prior to this I would have said that no one could do ATC worse than x-plane if they actually tried.

Look, no one expects perfection, but they really set themselves up for failure by hyping the azure cloud and artificial intelligence behind all aspects of this sim – including traffic.

Yeah, ATC in it’s current state honestly feels like a downgrade from FSX. Pretty much every flight there’s a strange mishap or glitch of some description. I live in a mountainous area and it basically completely ignores the terrain when giving you instructions. I assume (or at least hope) they’ll be working on it more in the relatively near future though.

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Confirm. A classic bug from FSX is still there. ATC ignores terrain entirely.

Just request a flight level change of +10.000ft

You cannot if ATC has started giving you decent instructions for arrival into an aerodrome.