[BUG LOGGED] Blocky cloud reflections in absence of wind

This is how cloud reflections look in the Alaska bush trip (Ultra settings).
Is there any way to disable them through a cfg file? Reflections setting does not affect them.

I wonder too. Very unnatural…

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which setting makes it look like tihs?

I have the same and wanted to ask about it too…

My settings are all high/ultra, and I don’t understand why I should get this. Also, the reflection of the clouds seems to “follow” the plane in external view, moving with you as you fly along :thinking:. I got this all through the Alaska bush trip.

I am having the following problems thus this sim is not playable for me recently. I wonder which are common among the players.

  • Clouds looks too bad from a close distance even with ultra settings. look like big pixels at the edges
  • Cloud reflections on the sea are very bad. Look like cut in half and composing of big squares
  • Trees and buildins are not loaded on time. Thus, they look horrible and unfinished. Scenery download is extremely slow
  • On the main menu, gpu usage is almost 80% but in game usage is 40-60%. Even lower in the cockpit

I tried looking through the CFG file to see if there was anything I could do to fix this, anyone have ideas? Happens everywhere with calm waters, lakes, rivers, the ocean…

Even “calm” waters will still have some movement in most cases. You need a perfectly still air mass to get that mirror effect, and that almost never happens. What I find more troublesome is the clear reflection of the trees.

That’s just screen-space reflections, only way to really solve that o e is Ray Tracing


What bothers me more is the coastline reflection fading out at the edge of the screen. As you turn your head towards it, the reflection will magically appear out of the ether.

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That’s screen space reflections for you. It can only reflect things that are on screen. When ray tracing is added, this won’t be a problem.

…for people with GPUs that support ray tracing only though.

Well they can’t use cheap (performance wise) screen space reflections for the clouds because their reflections are too important for the overal look of the water when there are thick clouds above it. With screen space reflections you can only reflect things that are on screen like with the trees and that won’t work for the clouds. That’s why the trees are reflected perfectly sharp and the clouds aren’t.

In order to have true reflections of the clouds without taking away all performance they have to render the clouds at a very low resolution. Maybe this can be resolved when they implement DX12 and ray tracing this summer, but I wouldn’t be too sure of it.

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I’m looking forward to the DirectX 12… just to see what legit amazing visuals we could get in the sim, fist off the realistic reflections.

None, its hard coded…

It’s not really a reflection though. It is more like a flipped image.

I think that it’s because we are actually on DX11 and this is matter of performance and DX11 capabilities.
I guess that this will be adressed within DX12 upgrade, which allows better implementation of relections.
If I’m correct, in DX11 reflections are simply rendered as a (low resolution) texture to the water plane, taking angle of view in account. This is very limiting…

It looks good enough on wavy water, but not on calm waters at all.

Hi aviation fans out there,

I dont know why I havent noticed that earlier (maybe because I almost never fly above water on in island areas and die the Airbus training flight today for the first time) but the cloud reflections look absolute bugged.
These ugly misplaced and way below lowest graphics settings and very strange looking cloud reflections… need a patch urgently :wink:

It looks like some in an otherwise beautyful photorealistic world absolutely misplaced 64x64 or 128x128 pixels lowest quality texture stretched over the ocean.

Everything is set on ultra of course.

Please fix this graphics bug it looks ugly and so out-of-place in such a wonderful otherwise graphics environment, and bring some gorgeous weather effects with the same great clouds quality which are visible in the sky also reflecting in the ocean.

How correct your are on this. It really is so awful…

Yup have exactlyvthebsame for a few months now

Now sure clouds should reflect well off most ocean, they are simply not calm enough.
Trouble is since MS changes the way ocean waves look most oceans look like lakes unless you have high winds.
Oceans don’t need high winds for decent waves, especially nearer coasts.
The reflections around coastlines could do with improving though.