[BUG LOGGED] No wind gusts for Live Weather, broken for both PC and Xbox

Well, I doubt this will get fixed anytime soon considering a “vote for the bug/feature” system. Tbh, I’m one update shy from uninstalling MSFS.

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This issue is not only PC releated it is also on console.

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this issue is long standing, they do plan a weatheroverhaul sometime.
i rather wish they opened up the weather to 3rd party liek the guys form active sky.

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Same issue. I tried to setup some wind disturbances on Xbox version, but it didnt work. I thought I did something wrong.

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No… it’s been broken since Sim Update 4 (I think). Prior to that, it actually worked.

Just saw the post about another hotfix on the way.

They are putting a LOT in there, and while I’m very thankful for that, the pre-release notes don’t mention any wind related fixes.

It could be that they are aware of the issue and are going to include a fix, but I saw no mention of it.

With wind being such an important part of flying, it’s really strange that it hasn’t received more attention, more votes, more complaints. Puzzling.


i agree, Without wind flying would not be possible it should be the number one priority to fix and improve over graphics everybody is angry about. This is a flight-simulator not a graphics-simulator.


For me the same. I’m not getting any wind gust regardless of how I set the slider… So many bugs in the sim…

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It is mind boggling that this problem hasn’t gotten more attention… to the point of outrage from a bunch of people.

The only reason I can think of is that when people fly with the Live Weather option, they wouldn’t see the sliders, wind chart. The only time this would be real apparent, is when the wind is being adjusted manually.

Otherwise, I think this would have been voted up very quickly to a high-level.

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I only flew Live Weather until it went to hell sometimes before SU5 ; so I thought I’d do some crosswind landing training in a Cub, set my wind parameters and stumbled upon this very bug, the whole wind gust subsystem is shot.

I see from this thread that this has been this way for over two months now ?! Oh come on … :roll_eyes:

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Yes, it’s really disappointing.

And, if you look at the posts at the beginning of this thread, there is one that says:

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:
I escalated the problem, so it will be checked!

That was posted by a Forum Moderator Team Member, and Zendesk tickets were submitted by me and others. So the Devs should have this on their radar. If not, how can we get it on their radar?

I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say this is a really important problem that should already have been addressed. But, it hasn’t even been acknowledged by the Devs.


I think they should categorize the top bugs list in developement update as they do in the the bugs & issues in this forum. Then they get the top bugs in every category.

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That would certainly help. I’m all for it. Anything to bring more visibility to the problem. It’s Sim wide, PC and Xbox.

It’s ridiculous that it’s gone this long and there hasn’t even been mention of it from the Dev Team.

Perhaps a YouTube content creator can help the cause?

If anyone has any ideas on how to get the Dev Team to assist, please post your thoughts. Thank you!

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You could also link Jane (Jummivana) in your topic or in the text. Perhaps she will read it and send the problem forward to the developers :slight_smile:

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Yes! In fact, right after I made my last post, I sent her a private message with a link to this thread.

We really need help with this one…

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This is how it used to work for those new who doesent know how it should work.


Can you feel those windchanges in liveweather because i can’t anymore. I think the bug is also in the liveweather but in liveweather we can’t see the graphs so it’s hard show the bug in that weather mode. Hope Jane will tell the devs! Good you sent a message to her.


Yep, sadly it’s broken since SU4 live weather or not…
for me it’s easy to try the live weather when checking airports from:

Usually there are enough airports to test with wild gusts. When it was working, that was the way for me to challenge myself in extreme weather.


Yes, since May 25th when SU4 hit. Crazy.

Finally I found people talking about the same issue. I had even filed a ticket with support on zendesk. So its a known thing now.

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