[BUG LOGGED] Settings do not stick since SU5

Could you elaborate the “delete everywhere” a little bit further? What exactly did you delete?

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ummm and those of us without any console, let alone an xbox???

Based on what I’m experiencing, I don’t think this is a problem with the settings not sticking. I think the problem is that the details are not loaded correctly initially, but the sim knows what the settings are supposed to be. Using EGNX R27 as the test:

  1. If you fly away from the airport and then back, the details get loaded correctly. (Although sometimes the buildings do not get loaded at all.)
  2. At EGNX R27, the building to the north does not have the details when you spawn (as mentioned in this thread), but if you taxi to the other end of the runway, there is a building to the south which seems to be the same autogen style that does have the Ultra details.
  3. Sometimes (maybe ~10% of the time) I do spawn in at EGNX R27, and all the details are loaded.

So I think there is a problem, but I don’t think the problem is that the settings are not sticking. I think the sim knows what the settings are, but just is not loading them initially when you spawn for some reason.

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On XBOX, manage the game, look in saves, and for your profile, delete, and then select delete everywhere. This deletes the cloud save that both PC and XBOX share.

I don’t know, it works for me because I have an XBOX.

One suggestion might be to set graphics to LOW, and exit the game with those settings, thus forcing a LOW setting to be saved to the cloud. Then start the game again, and set to ULTRA.

That sounds not a logical to me, if it used the same graphics profile on both pc and Xbox. Because there are seperate Xbox’s (X and S) profiles already embedded in the flightsimulator.exe (A bit Like the PC and VR part.). Ofcourse there could be a bug though.

It’s possibly a bug in how the profile is saved to the cloud. Lots of settings are shared between XBOX and PC. If you can find a way to delete your cloud saved profile that might be worth a try. That’s effectively what I’ve done to fix the problem.

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Yes, probably. It will download your main profile (flight hours etc.) You can try to change a few graphics settings on Xbox and see if it downloads those on pc.

Certainly changing the interface size and font size on XBOX changes the settings on PC. There aren’t any graphics settings you can change on XBOX.

Ok, but as I do not have an XBOX, no such settings should be up in the cloud, no?

AFAIK, from SU5, some (all?) of your settings are saved to the cloud.

Ok, I will check. Is there a filename to look for. Sure worth a try to set low, exit the sim, set ultra and see if this changes anything

Sadly there is no way to delete a save from the gaming cloud without an XBOX.

All I know is that since deleting my MSFS game save from the cloud, it’s fixed the problem for me.

Here’s another clearer video demonstrating that it’s fixed.

Do I understand this right? There is a cloud save from my PC MSFS and I can only delete this with an Xbox even if I don’t own and never even used MSFS on Xbox? But how can I access this without owning the sim for Xbox?

That sounds strange but regarding the mess in the last months it doesn’t sound that unrealistic.

Thats correct. You can’t delete Windows games cloud saves without an XBOX. For example, see Delete Windows 10 App Cloud Saved Data - Microsoft Community

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So I just fired up my Xbox, downloaded gigabytes of updates and was able to see msfs there. But it said there are no saves available. No success for me there.

Did you run MSFS on your XBOX so that it retrieves your save from the cloud?

Unable. Xbox too old.

But surprisingly my settings suddenly are saved and loaded as I expect. Don’t know what I clicked or what triggered it. Restarted the sim even and made screenshots for comparison because I couldn’t believe myself. It is indeed loading everything in Ultra, all the photogrammetry is loaded and there are trees as far as my eyes can see (LOD 7).

It’s a miracle…

You set LOD7 or it sets LOD7 I. “Ultra”? I thought “ultra” was 2 and 2 for objects and terrain?

I changed the LOD to 7 in the config file when SU5 arrived. After the first hotfix the sim would load medium settings with LOD 1 and ignore what I set myself. Since this evening it is loading my saved config file again instead of the lower settings.