[BUG LOGGED] Wind turbines always point North

I read many people are missing wind turbines but no one noticed they are facing the opposite direction? They should be facing into the wind not 180 degrees in the other direction

I stand corrected: wind turbines are always facing north. Hope that will be fixed soon

Turbines are everywhere,

I had them in LOWW vicinity, as real also of course :slight_smile: also in Slovakia/Hungary border near KUVEX and Donau river and mostly in Hungary f.ex. I must say that I don’t care if they aren’t correctly with heading to wind, it’s perfect that they are on righ places.

For real VFR flying it is good to know from which direction comes the wind above ground (motor failure, 1. landing outside an airfield). For me the windmills are always positioned as if the wind comes from the north

I have reported this through Zendesk #68585

Video of a turbine not steering into the wind here: https://youtu.be/7--tR9uOytg

I do not like them pointing the wrong direction either


No matter what the wind direction or speed, the wind turbines always point directly North and seem to spin at the same speed. It would be great if they faced into the wind, and spun at a speed comparable to the actual wind speed.

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Dam, now another thing I wont be able to unsee :expressionless:


Good grief, we’ve already seen what happened when they messed with the night lighting, I’m afraid if they start messing with structures physically attached to the ground a Black Hole might open and swallow the entire game world into it, including MS, Asobo, and all of us! :crazy_face:

Is that really important? Really?

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I think it is honestly, it gives you visual aid on wind direction and speed. (I’m no pilot, so I wouldn’t know if they really use it)

I’m pretty sure that wind turbines are constant speed turbines. They twist their blades just like the constant speed propellers and, in extreme cases, like storms, they can feather and have breaks inside.


Ok yeah, I guess; Direction then. :smiley:

either way, whether it’s useful or not. This seems like a super nice gimmick. I didn’t give it second thought and thought it was already like that so…

By the way, I remember seen an Obsidian Ant video right after the release where he played with wind speeds and wind turbines and they did change rotation speed. I never cared much about it, but I bet this behavior is still in the game.

I’ve already special ordered my Cray mainframe to help maintain a workable fps with all of these variables…


■■■■, if you want absolute reality, go fly a real plane, this is a sim.

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I just checked, this wind farm at least does not. The indeed point north no matter the direction. I did find windspeed does affect the speed of the blades.

I guess if the direction previously was part of the sim this should be filed as a bug report.

That’s exactly what I meant. Sorry if I didn’t make me understood.

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Oh, I thought you said rotation and speed. :slight_smile:
I guess it’s not a bug report then but a wishlist item :smiley:

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Well, since we’re picking nits, I flew to a nearby wind farm and did a rough field landing, then played with wind direction and speed.

The mills do respond vaguely to wind speed but not to wind direction. As far as their direction I’ve seen them facing north and facing west on different flights. Presumably their initial direction is set by startup weather.


This is absolutely used in real life. Smoke, steam and dust are also very useful for this, and also missing in MSFS. When doing a (practiced) forced landing, you need to know the wind direction very quickly. These are some of the tricks used for that.

I can understand not everybody cares about this, but I like to use Flight Sims to practice habbits when not real-flying. And this is one of those habbits.

It’s not a huge deal in the sim, make the mistake once and then you know to just ignore the turbines. But it’s a telling oversight.