[BUG LOGGED] WU6 … extreme LOD related inconsistencies … e.g. ground textures flipping colors (e.g. summer to autumn?)

Same here in Luxembourg.

This probably is due to the fact that the last BING data update seem to concern specific lods.

Oddly enough, the ground LOD seems not to have been affected by those BING data update.

As an example, above a specific altitude, let say you are at LOD1, then when you go down this altitude, the tile switch to LOD0.
It seems to me that, until LOD1, BING data are up to date, but in LOD0, this is not the case.

So, if a BING texture displays a field at summer with the new update, the LOD0 one still displays the old texture (which can be a spring texture). So that’s why the colors are heterogeneous.

In Luxembourg, this is more noticable near the new Luxembourg stadium, as you can see the stadium footprint with the new BING data, but this footprint disappears near the ground, as it displays the old BING texture.

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Frist … I am “glad” that this also affects other countries, because then it is not specific to the WU6 countries … and it might be a general issue.

Second … I do not think it is a Bing issue. If I understood it correctly then Asobo is taking Bing data as the basis … they apply some color adjustment and whatever … and then Asobo uses the Azure system to serve their own variant of the Bing textures. At least this is how I understood the process Asobo described about a year ago.

It would be strange if Asobo would not derive the low-res LOD textures from one primary high-res LOD world texture.

So I still think this is more of either

  • a replication problem in the content delivery network (copying a few Petabytes does take a lot of time, I guess)
  • a caching problem in the content delivery network

However, I find it strange that such changes would be made in the “life” data set … because that produces the inconsistencies which we seem to be experiencing.

Maybe there is an intermediate process in Asobo’s side, but this problem appeared as soon as i updated the Word update for benelux countries. And this update was Bing data update. So i think it is related to Bing (but it does not necessarly imply that this is a Bing data issue).

Now that is interesting … are you saying that the issue is still around in the Benelux WU5 region? Even today? That would not be a good sign for the DE-AT-CH regions.

I did not fly in those countries yet … but perhaps that is a reason to visit those regions.

I only saw it here (at Luxembourg city) for the moment. But as for me, it can happen in other parts of the map where Bing data have been updated. It would be interesting to check for such heterogeneities and see if a Bing data update has been done recently for those areas.

Also, if the intermediate process consisted in a color adjusment, the new Luxembourg stadium should not disappear near the ground, which is actually the case (it should be recolored instead).

I am not at home for the moment, but if someone can take a screenshot of the new Luxembourg stadium footprint at different altitudes, this could illustrate clearly the issue.

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Well, i have an extreme example here, it’s not specific to the world updates. It’s all still based on bing maps. Which, also the WU’s are. They will not be walking every satalite image tile and pick their paintbrush. It will take a bit longer to align that way.

The problem is not exactly the same here: if you take a look at the bing map here:
49,577023, 6,114032
, you can see that the stadium still appears at every altitude. It was not the case in the sim when i checked it (near the ground, the stadium disappeared).

The same kind of pop in ground textures appeared around Kastrup airport at Copenhagen after the Nordic update but now after WU6 the difference between the textures popping in are much greater.

Sorta like the difference between Summer and Autumn colour wise.

After the Nordic update I tried clearing the rolling cache but it didnt change anything.

With WU6 not fixing the general object pop in and terrain morphing issues and now with the even worse ground textures pop in I start to wonder if those things ever will get fixed at all.

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Not able to properly check now, will take a look later, interesting though.

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Same problem near EDBM.

When starting there, it is as if with higher altitudes (just like 500 feet or so above ground) the game wants to display a different type of texture. These are clearly still photo textures streamed from the Internet, but unfortunately in a completely different color (probably taken in a different time of year). The result is extremly annoying.

I have already deleted the manual cache and the rolling cache, so this is not the issue.

To reproduce, just take off at runway 27 with a slow plane like the CT and fly a traffic pattern (south, left hand) and watch the ground textures.

same on parts of the german baltic coast and the isle of man

I’m relieved it is not just me who is experiencing this…

I experience the same issue on xbox SX. After the last update the graphic become terrible. A downgrade happened. Also MS deactivate flight condtion button. You are no longer can edit setting of live weather and multiplayer, etc… what is happening?:sob:

same issue with sx after wu6 the sim is downgraded :pensive:

There is no downgrade with this World Update. Please share screenshots of what you consider as a downgrade. Don’t share impressions, please. Just concrete facts. It will be more helpful for devs.

So here are screenshots of the bug (look at the stadium footprint):

Render scale at 100. Terrain LOD details to 200. Objects LOD detail to 100. Unlimited online data limit.

Other illustrations of the bug:

Uups. … now that is really interesting.

This seems like a perfect location (example) to see that Asobo does not take the highest res sat image … and “down scales” from there to get a consistent LOD layering … but that they actually are using (totally?) independent sat images LOD image sets.

Ok, the effect could originate from the Bing side … but I think that Asobo should reconsider the strategy.

I fear that this might be a cost issue … if Asobo takes the “official” Bing data, then they only need to pay for the traffic but not for the storage. But then again … I seem to remember that initially the explanation was that Asobo does its own post procesing and that they have their own set of sat images. If that is the case, then the example from @thalixte is hard to explain (understand)

Hmm … scratching my head …

I checked these coordinates. In fact it is the same. bing maps has different images per zoom level, it loads a new image. it does not zoom in on an image. Yes bing it’s zooming to show more details, but uniquely it’s a different image.

The question now is, did Asobo got old pictures on that level, or are the pictures not “refreshed” on that level.

Other region
Zoomed out:

zoomed in

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Yes. good question. But as you can see on Bing maps, in the biggest zoom level, the texture is up to date, which is not the case in the sim.