Buildings are missing in Montreal


When FS2020 was release, I flew over Montreal and there was a lot of buildings characteristics of Montreal, including the olympic stadium.

Tonight, all of those buildings are missings.

Am I the only one who have this problem?

Thank you


Lorsque FS2020 a été lancer, j’ai volé au-dessus de Montréal. Il y avait beaucoup d’immeubles caractéristiques de Montréal, incluant le stade olympique.

Ce soir, tout ces immeubles ont disparus.

Est-ce que je suis le seul à avoir ce problème.

En vous remerciant.

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Did you checked if somehow Photogrametry is switched off?

When these folks chuck a brand new word into the ring could they give a definition to go with it. Signed - a geriatric survivor from the last century. (No, not the 1800s silly, the 1900s). Photogrametry? ??

You could just search google. It’s defined quite clearly in the first result.

Photogrametry is the word for the 3D Scans MSFS uses in some areas.
you can switch that off and on in your data settings. (sometimes it changes by it self)

Thank you all of you for the help. Photogrametry was the problem.