Buildings look very ugly in London

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Buildings in London along the river Thames look very ugly/low quality, as if some nuclear explosion has taken place.

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I changed to clear skies so you can get a better view:

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Depart from London City airport. Fly along the river. Look at the buildings.

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RTX 2060S, R5-3600, 32GB ram

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Object level of detail is set to 100
Buildings is set to High
Photogrammetry is On.

Got this error now in the game:

But my download speed is 50mbps:


So could this be a server problem?


The data quality of the London photogrammetry is awful. Heavily broken/fuzzy geometry and also completely distorted textures everywhere. It really looks as if several explosive charges detonated in every building, pushing out walls, blowing out windows and collapsing floors.

Not to mention the floating artifacts/polygons in the sky and a severe performance hit. Comparing that to the photogrammetry quality of cities like Los Angeles (especially downtown!) and San Francisco … well … it’s not even a comparison, unfortunately.

If that’s the level to expect from the new data source, I don’t want it! Luckily photogrammetry can be switched off separately in the options, which I will definitely do for London in the future.


Iv got the exact same problem and message. Have you had any luck figuring it out?

Have one to add…same depature as Speedbrake22 from London City and was heading towards downtown.
Some places look like WW3 has happened along with a nuke directly onto the wharfs.


After that message I just quit the game, wasn’t any fun looking at this :slight_smile:

Hopefully it is just an overloaded server issue which will go away when things calm down again.

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I have exactly the same issue, but my bandwidth is very high (200-300mbs). I don’t think it matters how much bandwidth you have.

I turned off photogrammetry.


I’m curious. Do any of you have the Orbx London city pack installed like I do? I noticed that things like The Eye were duplicated. I’m wondering, if both the new update and Orbx’s scenery are active, if that’s the problem. Are they fighting each other?

The other issue of photogrammetry not loading right might simply be that everyone is hitting the servers going for the same areas right now and Asobo servers just can’t handle the load.


Well i removed London city (orbx)and EGLC(orbx) they (orbx are working on a compatibility fix should be in a few days
That got rid of a lot of duplicated objects in the scenery ,but didn’t fix the terrible photogrammetry though.


Pretty sure it was server issues last night for me. No addons installed if I look at one I will install it run it and remove it when done.

No, I don’t have any scenery mods

Tried clearing your cache and restarting?

Your screenshot does not even show photogrammetry…

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Yes I cleared the cache after the installation.

Oh really funny it was on… Greyed out but on.
What about this one?

Not funny at all, all your buildings on this screenshot shown are autogen buildings (with the exception of Big Ben and Parliament). So I do not really get the point of this screenshot, as it is not showing any photogrammetry. Simple as that.

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Something must still not be working right then!
Still looks better than I have ever seen FSX look though!

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It seems Speed Kills! Especially on 100/50 with 3 others in the house!

Edit: OP try a Cessna. It’s a sad day for jets with my bandwidth!

IMHO photogrammetry produces very bad results, it looks really awful!. Personally, I prefer autogen. it is less precise but has much sharper and cleaner objects. Flying over photogrammetry London ís no joy at all for me, sadly :frowning:


Quit agree, I had to do the same :rage:. This sim is becoming a joke, you should have a choice to update these so called “better updates”, it’s getting messy now.