Buildings much too high still in Patch

Follow this link to report:

Thanks for the link it is reported

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Same in Luxembourg, and it is a real issue for VFR (not only immersion but also real life recon, I use MSFS to preview actual flights, airport locations etc and this issue makes it unusable for a lot of that)

How ridiculous does this look - just outside of Salzburg. And why do Microsoft and Asobo think this is acceptable to be released in this state?

Here we go with some comparisons with Google Maps, I noticed this issue happens when there is a hangar/flat building and will be replaced with few high rise buildings. Created a Zendesk report with the same screenshots as well.


Also guys please report to Zendesk as well, we need to create pressure on Asobo until they acknowledge it as known issue

Same problem in Finland.
Here are pictures of Turku. The upper image is before the update and the lower one after the update.


did you report it in zendesk? This is very annoying issue indeed, killed the whole VFR experience

Blackshark ai went crazy ! LOL

I think what we really need is more photogrammetry…

Not only buildings, also i think my texture streaming (bing maps) is not working… i have 0B Data Consumption past 4 days.

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BTW, the tree drawing distance was also reduced by a MASSIVE amount. Try flying 1500 feet about a forest area and see how density decreases rapidly and then no trees are drawn at all. And this is on Ultra!

This sim really looks bad now.


Why does it even happen after a patch if the autogen runs on the Azure servers and is streamed to our machines? (And also, why do we need to install the Japanese update, why isn’t that simply streamed?)

Maybe there are answers in today’s Dev QA on Twitch…

Same issue all through Australia

Guys, I can officially confirm the WHOLE of the UK is ruined, and much of Europe, I’ve spent most the night flying all over UK and partly over into Europe and everywhere is affected, it looks absolutely horrendous, like I said little tiny English villages with massive high rise office blocks, and random parts of cities/towns with office blocks completely destroying the realism and immersion, how on Earth can one fck up so badly!!


I meant to post this for quite some time, but now it seems more relevant than ever.
Microsoft actually has the correct heights of buildings in bigger cities. If you go to the maps app and activate 3D without going to the sattelite images, you get grey 3D representations of buildings.

That would be a nice sanity check when experimenting with AI. Why they didn’t use that data yet (where available) is beyond me.

Here’s a comparison of MSFS, Maps (Bing) and Google Maps
(Saarbrücken, Germany (nearest airport is EDDR))


Bing Maps

Google Maps

The buildings in front of the river are way too high. On the other hand, the half-circle like building in front of those longer buildings is too small. And all of that despite accurate height data being available…

Notice also how there are no big buildings in the background in real life…

(Unrelated: The big chimney is missing in the sim. I hope structures like that will be added eventually as they are great visual cues for VFR flights. Again: Data was available here…)


Asobo please focus on quality assurance, these regressions are the worst thing and they are everywhere…

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Also have theses strange buildings over Toulouse France. Some times you feel like flying in Manhattan… :slight_smile:

Since the last patch for, I have noticed that all buildings that are generated by the AzureKI no longer correspond to reality at all. Buildings that are bungalows, gas stations or two to three story buildings suddenly turn into skyscrapers of over 20 floors or such other funny, incomprehensible building heights, what is Microsoft doing there? do you have such mistakes? This error does not exist in all 3D photo buildings, only where the AzureKI is doing its work it can no longer be seen, under or earlier, in the beta and alpha phase all information was largely correct

Fix an old bug, create a new one. The new update clearly shows what happens if you suddenly do without the help of a large number of “beta testers” and make the consumer an involuntary beta tester. This is not okay, because – as far as I know – you cannot switch back to an older version that did not have such a serious bug. Really annoying…


Can confirm this bug has ruined my local Chicagoland area…

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