Buildings much too high still in Patch

This is all rather disappointing. What is the point of a fixed day for patch releases if it just results in silly faults and more problems? Where is the quality assurance?


Totally agree. I’d also rather wait a few days more for a patch before it breaks anything. For me patch-day has become a day I fear rather than one I look forward to. Always nervous what might break next.


Yep particularly as we are stuck with them and cannot choose not to update.


i’ve only had a chance to take the drone around my area and see the ridiculous sized buildings (they now rival the trees for obscurity) but there are definitely some approach paths that are impacted by these monstrosities.

OH my I just flew the whole south of England, and it’s alot worse than I first thought, apart from Southampton and Portsmouth, everywhere else is AWFUL, and I mean truly awful, even little tiny villages have a mini skyline now. How on earth did it get this bad over 1 update ■■■■■ lord!

I really hope this is a fast fix if we all report it, as it’s truly ruining immersion in the UK for me right now. Not left the UK yet but by the looks of other comments this issue is worldwide!


What really $$$$$ me off is that this obvious problem should have been spotted when the patch was tested. This just looks like carelessness when something that affects all of us worldwide is not picked up by the developers when they test. Its shoddy.


I think they should introduce something similar to X-Plane’s public beta program where you can opt to use betas - at the risk of breaking things - or use the stable version.

Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed (almost) every minute in the sim so far but it just annoys me that there is always the risk of running into issues that had not been there the day before when I just want to fire up my sim for a relaxing flight after a day at work.


I only posted 10 mins ago and back already just loaded where I landed near Hamburg yesterday on my onair job, and even there it’s like city skylines in what was meant to be a small town, even overshadowing the airport ffs. I can’t play like this the immersion is truly gone. Think i’m gonna skip this patch and not play, hope it gets sorted sooner rather than later.

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Yep the one thing that was working well for me, VFR round the UK, is now totally ruined. They fix one thing and break another in the process. What a total shambles this is turning into.


Yeah, me probably, too. I just hope it gets fixed in the next update. I really have enjoyed my little VFR flights.

Same at Brest Guipavas commercial zone (buildings are high 1 or 2 levels IRL but have 10 or 15 levels now - SW LFRB (France)… This little town seems now like Manathan LMAO

Same here, Brantford, Canada, invasion of the tall black buildings

Stands out really bad and can been seen from far away. These are one or two story commercial zoned buildings in real life and what they used to be before the patch. The 10 story hospital however, a visible landmark from far away, still only has 2 floors.

That and end flight back to main menu turned into “FS has stopped working” CTD.

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Absolutle immersion breaker. ALso true for Austria. Hotfix ASAP, please!

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Indeed is an immersion breaker, before the patch in Germany, the AI buildings blended well and now in a village you will see a high rise building. This happens for example, if there is hangar building (let’s a big IKEA), previously the generated AI building made sense but now, the generated AI building a big high rise building

uhh… that’s a major problem throughout Europe, mostly Germany.

Have also found the same problem in my area of UK between Bath and Bristol post-patch. Farms and individual houses in villages have suddenly become tower blocks, spoiling the immersion.

Same issue here in Denmark (EKRK)

I’ve also noticed this. There are now several tower blocks next to Leeds/Bradford (EGNM)
I reported it to Zendesk, but have since noticed they seem to be all over the UK

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Nashua NH, same thing. Tall buildings that don’t belong and have arrived this patch.

Oh my ■■■■, i’m not even kidding here, a little villlage in Somerset, England, UK. when I say little village, I mean tiny, it literally has 1 post office and 9 houses, the post office has derelict building behind it old farm yard barns etc, no word of a lie, but they were 15 story skyscrapers, well not skyscrapers you know what I mean, it’s beyond a joke, please tell me we don’t have to wait to next patch for this to be fixed, ruined the WHOLE game for me right now.

This needs a hotfix very quickly, not like weather where you can just ignore it or have a workaround and input your own weather, the scenery is literally the game!! and everything is borked to hell and back!