Bumps are back at Airports Post

Bumps are back while landing and making aircraft crash. Version I do not have any files in the community folder. KSFO KMSP AND MORE. Also horrible fps in KLAX landing. RTX3070 Video card and I7-6700K 32GB high-performance memory. Please move this thread for me to the proper place. Do not know how to do it.

Well, would be good if you could specify the airport atleast…

Hello @Woodssmallpc

Please edit your post and title to indicate where these problems were encountered. You can then move it yourself into the correct #bugs-and-issues Subfolder or we can do it for you. We also highly recommend filing a Zendesk ticket to get the defect sent to the Dev Team.


I don’t think they ever went away


Yesterday going into KOMA the bumps were showing on the PFD of the G3000 in the TBM but were NOT showing out the window. I guess I should have grabbed a screenshot but didn’t bother.

[edit] Should have added that was with the WT G3000 Mod.

Moved to #bugs-and-issues:airports.

Nice cote d’azur LFMN, with World Update IV, has big bump near the touchdown zone on runway 4L.

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I’ve honestly gotten used to it at this point that I just end the flight right after touchdown.

It was a little funny the first time seeing a giant 787 dozens of tons heavy, literally flip on its nose like that semi from The Dark Knight, but after the 20th time, it just became too frustrating to deal with. Also this isn’t an issue with any specific airport, this is an issue with how quickly the game turns low distant textures and meshes to the high detailed close ones. A lot of the time, it just fails to update them even when you get close, so there will be a ‘seam’ at the transition point where you’ll just hit a 90 degree 2 foot high wall, and nose flip.

The long taxiways at KDEN should have a “Four-Wheel Drive Required” warning.


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KOAK I think it’s on Runway 30. On takeoff, it’s just a couple hundred feet down runway. Just about gave me a heart attack, I had never seen these before. To my knowledge it’s still there. In a Cessna 152, if I just roll slowly I can make it over without crashing. Kind of like a speed bump. :blush:

KSAN is really bad on RWY 27-09. I think there are 5 - 7 tears. May be impossible to land with any Jet aircraft.

I’m trying to reinstalling MSFS and see if there has been some game file corruption. If anyone could confirm their observation.

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I would recommend having a look at this thread for specific issues with landing at airports in photogrammetry areas- where the aircraft “bounces” and or “crashes” on landing.

This issue has been around for quite a while in photogrammetry areas.

KSFO, KSAN, KBUR in recent flights (today) had big bumps or tears.
Nice airport is terrible towards the end of the runway (bump, tear and worst a big ramp - no need for flaps anymore)


Okay finally got the reinstall completed. Looks like KSAN is RWY 27-09 is clear of tears. Will try more map pack downloads to see if that causes any issues.

Crashed shortly after touching down at KSEA thanks to bumps/cracks/tears in the terrain, an issue I recall encountering many months ago. Sad this, along with many other issues, still exists.

I’ve encountered bumps on RWY 30R at KMSP and RWY 36 at KMSN in the last two days. It looks like the terrain is in the process of rendering as I land.

SEQM bump ramp, ticket sent.


All of these have had huge cracks in the runways. Will this be fixed? I might have to give up the game as its basic purpose (taking off, flying, and landing a plane) is impeded.

KBOS runway 33L causes frequent crashes. Not sure of others at KBOS.

It happens to me to. Their still plenty left that do that. Version1.6.2.0