Bush tour disappointment

I’ve just finished the Balkans bush tour and I’m a little disappointed with both it and the overall bush flying experience. Just wondered if other people had a similar sort of experience?

  • No aircraft selection. I started with the Balkan flight because I’m not a big fan of flying the cub, but I can’t see any particular reason why you couldn’t use one of the other propellor type planes.
  • It’s advertised as a ‘navigation challenge’, however the route was programmed into the aircraft when I started so I could have just followed the waypoints. I cleared the route and turned off the map on the right, although I couldn’t find a way to get this left hand screen to turn off.
  • I found the scenery for this flight was fairly mediocre. It didn’t seem to be taking that much advantage of the new engine unless you like staring at the water (which to be fair is nice to look at!). Everything just seemed a bit like generic coastline, towns and a few relatively small hills.
  • All my flights started around 6am. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but unfortunately it meant that the sun in the east, low and behind clouds. Since I was flying south over a west coast it meant all the scenery was on my left into the sun, so as a result of the weather a lot of the view ended up looking washed out.
  • I thought bush flying was about landing on small, little known airstrips, but all bar two or three of the ones in this flight were quite long and paved.

Hopefully the other two will provide a slightly better experience!

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I hear good things about the other two bush trip activities. I agree that bush trip with G1000 cockpit is not the best idea ever.

What? I have just landed in Split and it is one of the most beautiful scenery I have yet seen in this simulator :heart_eyes:!!! I started with the first bush tour but it was almost impossible to navigate using that poor VFR map. This Balkan bush tour on the other hand is wonderful so far!! I agree though that it is a bit strange that the clock doesn’t tick between the different legs.

When you say ‘so far’ how far are you in? I thought it was good to start off with, but it got quite repetitive as you went along.

You can turn the nav mode on and let the autopilot take you around

I just finished the Breckenridge to Yosemite trip and it was very challenging without outside help like Google maps. Some of the dirt/grass airstrips are hard to find. I hope MS creates more of the bushtrips!

Maybe they are a bit repetitive but I like just sitting there and look at the landscape. It is kind of relaxing! Some people want more action and challenges, for me this is what I want. Maybe there could be different levels of bush trips, some of them more oriented to challenges and some more related to scenery.

By the way, I have completed the first one and in my profile it says that I have completed 1/29 bush tours! Are there more of them which we are not aware of yet?

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I am currently in the middle of the Patagonia trip and I loved it. I am not a manual route guy so glass cockpit x-cub is great for me. Actually you are right, a plane selection from various planes is a good idea. Award can be given accordingly. If I choose a glass cockpit plane, so my award is less valuable than a player who flew steam gauge plane.
My main thing is, this kind of events give me a direction. Because normally I never ever fly with a slow plane over the Patagonia. So I can’t thank enough for this event. I hope ms will pump these kind of missions. Not just bush trips but also modern airliner trips

Switch on Dec mode and switched ppanes

Plan your own! For me, the planning is a fun and challenging part of the whole experience. Pick your aircraft, choose your locations and routing, pick your takeoff times, pick your weather, etc.


Just landed at Corfu! This whole trip through the Balkan, Albania and now Corfu is really mind blowing! I have been in that area and that makes it even more amazing!! :eye:

It looks like the numerator is the number of bush trips complete, while the denominator is the number of legs for the bush trips you’ve started. Looks like it’s just a simple bug where they used the wrong counter variables.

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When you get done with it check out this custom one I made for Idaho. Lots of very chalking landing strips and drop dead gorgeous scenery! I Created An Idaho Bush Trip


When you look in your profile it shows the bush trips completed out of 10 - suggests there are at least 7 more coming.

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Nice! Yeah I’m sure they have a bunch coming. Luckily there is endless options for locations and routes, so there is always a new Bush trip to do!

Agreed very strange about clock. I also enjoyed the Balkans scenery but have the clock reset to 5am after each leg meant the legs never felt truly connected.

It would have been much more immersive to experience an actual passage of time during the trip.

Remember, you could always change the aircraft used in your bush trip if you want.

I’ve done the Patagonia one four times each in different aircraft!

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