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Have you noticed that the planes used in the Bush trip activities behave differently. For example the Cessna 172 of the “Rijeka, Croatia to Santorini” Bush trip is uncontrollable during taxing but when used alone is OK.

Bush flights have less “assistance” levels, things like propellor torque and stuff are simulated in bush flight. It woudl be similar to setting the assistance to hard/realistic, and lfying a normal flight.

Yes I have noticed this and agree with the above post on the difficulty settings (not sure if they can be changed). I also so another post that perhaps in some of the bush trips the center of gravity of the plane may not be quite right but I haven’t researched that to say if it’s a bug or a feature by design for bush use as compared to the general use of the aircraft on fuel levels, weights etc. I did notice that the tail draggers nose over and crash on landing very easily with even light braking as you are slowing down on the runway (in the Sierra Nevada bush trip) and you are forced to reply the entire section again and I couldn’t find a way to try the landing again.

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I have a crick in my neck from the DA 40 pulling right, in the France Bush Trip. I find myself repeatedly pressing the number 4 in my dreams.

I cant understand why they don’t use the same parameters of the Bush trip planes as the ones for general use (that you have painfully calibrated). and also it would have been nice to choose your Bush trip planes.

There is a manual workaround for changing the bush planes in the config files for each bush trip.


It’s not super convenient but it works. I switched out a stock MSFS plane for the third party AT simulations Piaggio with that method and it work.

Another option is to select developer mode. Then switch the plane while sitting on the runway during your bush trip. I haven’t tried this method but according to someone on the forums it works.

Hope this helps.

PS: and yes I agree. It would be awesome if the sim had an option to change the bush planes built in.

Thanks for the info, but its too complicated for me and I might mess things up. I will try though the developer mode and see. and I wonder if you change the aircraft in the developer mode it will remain the same for the whole trip even after you exit simulator.

Yes the guy that posted the advice about using the developer mode said that the sim will then save with the newest selected plane. As I said I haven’t tried that myself but it should work.

The DA40 only takes fuel from the left wing tank - you have to periodically use the AUX fuel pump switch (next to the pitot heat) to top up the left tank from the right tank. If you don’t the left wing would get lighter - compared to the right wing - which would explain the tendency to bank right


somebody has already linked on the How to edit the plane posting.

Because-of course it does. Thanks!

I did manage to change the default aircraft Diamond DA40NG to the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan of one of the Bush trips via the developers mode. It doesn’t though behave 100% as per a standard flight. I wonder whether the sim changes the settings of assistance to more “realistic” ones, because while I was flying I got the massage that I stressed the aircraft and damaged it and I had to restart the bush leg again. I never had this message before while flying standard routes.

Can you change the “Assistance” levels with the Developers mode to ON position?

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