[Bush Trips] FS Academy - Voyager

Hi All,

I’m very pleased to announce the release of FS Academy - VOYAGER for MSFS.
Built by a real pilot, these 7 Discovery Flights iconic locations from all over the world. The routes are built by a real pilot, including realistic procedures and a comprehensive route guide.

Also, you have complete freedom in choosing your aircraft, time, weather and season.

Missions include a trip through the Alps, starting at Innsbruck, over the volcanic Canary Islands, the Florida Keys, the Gold Coast, from New York to Toronto via the meanwhile well-known Hudson river and over the Niagara Falls, New Zealand, and the Grand Canyon, on your way from Los Angeles to Bryce Canyon.

Click HERE to learn more.


Good news!

A highly anticipated and comprehensive free update is now available for FS Academy - VOYAGER, download version 1.1 from your place of purchase.
Available on SimMarket and FlightSim.com, other stores updating imminently!

These trips also allow the user to set their own choice of weather, time and season for each trip. Also provided are the bare flight plans so they are fully flexible.

Now fully updated and expanded as complete Bush Trips with Jeppesen Charts.

​Take in our breath-taking world by embarking on a series of 7 Bush Trips across some of the most iconic locations. Cruise past the skyscrapers of NYC, gaze deep into the Grand Canyon and try not to get wet as you circle Niagara Falls, taking full advantage of the fantastic USA World scenery in MSFS.

Commence your Bush Trip and choose your own weather, season and time of day.

Or load one of the included Voyager flight plans to choose another aircraft. Fully flexible!

​Built by a real airline captain, these authentically constructed routes take you around the globe to discover the wonders that await you, complete with authentic Jeppesen Charts to show you the way.

​Get up close and personal at low level and see the glorious Earth never before presented with such incredible detail in a Flight Simulator. Find your way by looking out the window, steering headings, stopwatch in hand.

Turn the pages of the expansive manual to learn more about altimetry, cruising levels, weather reports and much more!

Learn all about it here: www.fsacademy.co.uk/voyager

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I’ve been flying the Alps Bush Trip. The flight plan for leg 5 to Le Versoud went wrong for me at he final step to approach the destination (showing something like a heading of 327 instead of around 200). I ignored the bearing and landed at Le Versoud which successfully completed the leg anyway.

Only a minor gripe, enjoying the flights otherwise but not sure if anyone else had this.

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Hi there,
Glad to hear you’re enjoying Voyager.

As listed in the manual, please get in touch here for tech problems: hello@fsacademy.co.uk

I’ve had the same, ignored the heading and flew with the map (just follow the valley)

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I’ll take a look and see where the problem is for this leg, for an update fix. Thanks for the reports

I’ve looked at the Leg 5 on The Alps bush trip and the flight plan looks ok to me.
It gives a track of approx. 203 between Junction and Le Versoud.

Are you both using the current version 1.1, where you select the trips from Bush Trips or are you running them as custom journeys with the Route Guides?

I’m selecting via Bush Trips.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.
So does the in-game NavLog give the incorrect track to fly between Junction and Le Versoud?

Yep, it basically suggests to double back once reaching Junction.

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Thanks for this, I’ll do some investigation.
Updates will be announced here and on the support page:

Hi all,

Thanks again for the reports. I think i’ve gotten to the bottom of it and have updated Voyager to V1.2. Redownload from your place of purchase.

Minor manual improvements
Incorrect course for a waypoint in Alps trip
Workaround for MSFS using incorrect ICAO or Canandigua (NYC Trip)

You may need to delete your progress for the affected trips from your Activities folder, as detailed in the manual, in order for the update to take affect.

Thanks again!

At FS Academy we are very pleased to have partnered up with Orbx and now the FS Academy range of missions and bush trips are available from Orbx Direct and Central! This will have some great benefits such as self-installation and auto-updates.

Take a look here:

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Nice. can’t wait for you to join MSFS marketplace soon too.

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Hi all,

It’s good to see us get our own corner of the forums. As you can see we’re now in the Third Party Addons section, so you can check here for future updates and news.

Part of the forum guidance is to remember to seek tech advice directly from the developer.
For FS Academy - VOYAGER, please see here: www.fsacademy.co.uk/support-voyager

Hi All!

FS Academy - Voyager is now available from the in-game Marketplace!

After purchase, please restart the sim and you can find the lessons in the Activities → Bush Trips section.
The manual is located within your MSFS Folder under Official/OneStore/fsacademy-voyager.

I had asked for a more streamlined way to access the manual, but this has not been put into practice just yet.
Any queries: www.fsacademy.co.uk/support-voyager

Any word on how these are working on Xbox?

Hi there,

All working fine on XBOX!
Voyager is better than ever with the updated scenery brought by Sim Updates. A minor update is coming for menu ordering and image improvements.

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Hi everyone,

I have had a handful of reports that post SU6 many bush trips, including both Voyager and default, have issues with correctly completing legs after landing.

This initially appears to be an issue with MSFS itself, so may be out of my control, however investigations are underway.

I’ll update the support page soon to reflect that, thanks for your patience in the meantime.



After buying of Voyager Pack in in-game store I have little problem. In all missions I don’t have legs selection and it doesn’t save progress. I deleted all other mods and try to reinstall mission pack. Still have save problem.
What I need to do to fix a problem?


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