Bush Trips HUD

Can we now not turn the outside view HUD off when doing bush trips? It’s all greyed out.

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Same for landing challenges…so far I have only been able to turn it off for free flight

Check your ‘assistance’ settings maybe?

And why was this changed? For me, it’s not a preferable option. I think for those of us who would like to view the chase plane, we don’t want to see our heading, flaps, etc. We can just return to cockpit view. We used to be able to turn these off in bush trips, now we can’t? Why?

If you are flying a bush trip, those options right now are greyed out.

How do you turn it off in free flight? The old option in the chase camera setting no longer exists.

Maybe you have to set them before you select the activity?

Dunno man…I’d have to look…it’s not in front of me now.

Looks like it’s in the assistance tab now. Thought it use to be in General Options > Camera

I hope they fix it soon. I hate the HUD. But here is a workaround I found. If you press INSERT on the keyboard it takes you outside the plane then you can move the camera around in Drone mode. I have an extra xbox controller connected just for this very purpose aside from my yoke and peddles. But I prefer to just switch as before.

I’d vote for this - Access to the Bush Trips Assistance menu to configure custom settings