Bush Trips Nav log empty

Currently running Version 1.17.3
There are no files in community folder
i7 8700K with 32G Ram
Windows 10 Version 21H1

Not in developer mode
Tried both Full Screen and Windowed mode

I’ve had this occur a number of time most recently in the Unalaska to
I have normal operation in the Bush flight until about midway. When the next leg begins, the Navlog opens, no way points are listed.
I had resolved this previously in the Bordeaux to Mont Blanc Bush flight by replaying the previous leg. This becomes aggravating when the previous leg is about an hour long. I’ve learned to observe the Crs in the display, to determine the next way point direction. Guessing at the next POI but periodically checking the display
I can determine the end of the leg when I see the listed runway in the display.
Unsure of what causes it, I play each leg like the previous one

Microsoft store version
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This happened to me. What I found out was that I missed an airport and landed at a different one so the leg did not complete. I had an easy time to find the bad leg because I used Littlenavmap and it tracked all my legs I found it and re-flew the leg. After that the next leg was normal again.
Hope this helps

There might be the chance I made a bad leg in the Santorini flight, that was a weird one, as half of it was at night for some reason. But made each respective landing to complete it. However, the Alaska Bush Trip had no issues that I could see.
I would hate to go back to refly each leg.
I have another bush flight to try, I might refly Bordeaux to Mont Blanc, that landing up the hill was great, it was forgiving if you over-ran the runway.

You do not have to re-fly each leg.
If you can remember what Bush Trip you were on when you first noticed the missing nav-log go to that Bush Trip and do the following.
Enter that Bush Trip and load the last leg you completed now look at nav-log is it empty? If it is stop that flight and reload the Bush Trip and load the previous leg look at the nav-log is it empty? Continue doing this till you see a nav-log that is filled up write down the leg number the next leg number is the bad one which you will have to re-fly to correct the problem.

Ill try this, though it does seem essentially what I had done before. Re-flying the bad leg.
I’ll keep my eye out for it occurring again. Though it is weird that it occurs at all.


The Nav Log feature is horrible and buggy.

  1. The window sometimes won’t show up at all.
  2. The window shows up but is empty.
  3. I have to restart the bush trip to get the nav log back.

I’ve just bumped into this issue. I lost my way towards Spanish Springs and landed near a road halfway towards Reno Intl. Thought I’d continue my trip the next morning just to find the navlog was empty. I even managed to find the airfield near Spanish Springs and land there but - of course - nothing happened.

This is quite frustrating. If anything getting lost and finding your way again just by looking at the terrain and the awful VFR map is an achievement. No one should get punished by having to refly the previous leg also.

Now I have to play my favourite game even more. :stuck_out_tongue:

…bit seriously, this is so unrealistic, having to teleport two location backwards. Nonsense.