C172 Classic VR Pilot Camera Position is broken (too low in the seat)

Since the last update i have noticed that the default VR position for the C172 Classic is too low in the seat. Even with centering the seat with the center view command ( which i have set as my middle mouse button), the default view is too low. The actual C172 view should be where you have to peer down from the sides to look out the side windows, and where you can see a bit of the top of the engine cowling. Even on raising my height with ‘move camera position up’ it doesnt fix this.

Has anyone else noticed an abnormally low pilot position in VR ? any fixes ?

On Choosing the default C172 with the G1000 display, the default VR pilot position is just right, as i described.


YES … and not much better in VC either !!
I need to remember to take a Cushion with me every time I fly it !!

This is more like what it should look like —

Was it you flying the plane?
Where was the camera mounted?
How tall was the pilot?
It is quite difficult to judge the eye level base on such photos but I would say it looks way to high in your example:)
I think, we VR pilots tend to raise our position for better visibility which isn’t the case in reality.
How about this?

Why don’t you use the default key combinations to get the exact position that you want, here are the key bindings.

Move Seat Forward - ALT + Up Arrow
Move Seat Backward - ALT + Down Arrow
Move Seat Left - ALT + Left Arrow
Move Seat Right - ALT + Right Arrow

Move Your Eyeline Up (make yourself taller) - Up Arrow
Move Your Eyeline Down (make yourself shorter) - Down Arrow

As far as I know you can’t save the positions, but it only takes a few seconds to do before each flight.

Hope this helps.


Yup, exactly what I do although I simplified the key mappings to make is a little easier whilst actually in VR.
It still beats me why the devs did not see it fit to provide a real quick and easy way to save the position for each aircraft once you have it set how you like. I find it almost always necessary to move my position for every aircraft.

Yes, as you would probably do in real life. It would be good if you could save for each aircraft.

Not sure how many users are using VR but it is a real shame that it is treated as a bit of an after thought in terms of fixes.

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I use Voice Attack for my move commands in VR and find I can get the correct seat position for me. In the 172 Classic I want to see under the wings and just see a little of the cowling for my correct sight picture.

I’ve adjusted the camera.cfg for pretty much every aircraft I fly in the sim. I prefer this over saving a new camera position and just assigned a button on my yoke to reset it if it ever gets out of position in VR.

Even quite a short Pilot, (without a Cushion) ( lots of head room ) should be able to see the top of the engine cowl when looking forward

Would it not be great if Asobo just gave us a way to set the position and SAVE it to your preference.

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Probably depends on the particular model 172, but as a shorter pilot in the older ones you can sometimes struggle. They have a tall dash.

If you add too man cushions of course you then have trouble reaching the pedals :smiley:

You can ? ALT 1-8 are user definable Views

The OP is asking about when in VR .

Strange, I flew the 172 steam guage version quire a bit last weekend in VR and it seemed fine to me.

I ran into an issue with the Carenado 182 where in VR my view was on the floor looking at the rudder pedals. I was able to fix that by using the up and down and left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to adjust my perspective up and to the left until it seemed normal.

These are OK but these controls move the camera at an absurdly high speed, making it very hard to fine tune. Anyone know how to slow it down or make it operate in small “clicks” or “steps” ?

ETS2, a 10 year old game, gets it.

There is a hack by editing the camera.cfg file. Save a custom, copy the block from the user’s version of the file and save it to the official file.

Most airplanes’ default make me feel like I’m 7’2"

Most of the MSFS UI is unbelievably rudimentary, even by console standards. I’m not sure what kind of application framework they are using.

Coherent UI

Coherent UI is a graphical user interface system specially designed for
games. Game developers and UI artists can use standard modern HTML, CSS,
and JavaScript to design and implement game UI and interaction.
Coherent UI makes easy exposing gameplay, game objects, and systems to
the UI. Game developers can focus on implementing core gameplay while
quickly facilitating existing skills to implement the UI, as there is no
special knowledge needed to use the system.

Is that part of the in-flight UI or the menu pages?

I’ve poked around in the files. It looks like a web app in there.