C172 Suggestions

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With a good amount of time spent on the 152, I have been getting a good handle on Take Off’s, Landings, using VOR’s, ILS, Etc… and the JPLogistics 152 was a fantastic mod compared to the stock within MSFS.

I want to start to learn how to use an AP system and think jumping to the 172 would be a good start. Just wondering if there are any recomendations outside of the stock one?

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The Skyhawk G1000 with the Working Title NXi is the closest you’ll get to the real deal at this point without any add-ons.


As far as a glass 172 goes, completely agree. The NXi makes it very usable.
That said, I don’t know what version of MSFS @skypilotYTS has but, if they have it, I would have suggested the steam 172. Making the transition from 152 to 172 is a fair step on it’s own and other than the autopilot, the cockpit and navigation procedures would all be familiar. Once familiar with how the AP works, then the next logical transition would be to a more complex cockpit in the same aircraft, ie: 172 NXi.


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I have the steam version and for 172’s I see the Skyhawk and the G1000 version.


Perfect. Then you have the next two steps, at your fingertips.
Others may disagree, but the transition to the Skyhawk will be easy. Just a bigger 152. :wink:
Once you are doing the same thing you were doing in the 152, tracking the VOR, etc. then you can incorporate the autopliot into your flow.

Once you have a good grasp of how the AP works and how to handle the procedures, the G1000 will be the next logical step and most of it will just be learning how to navigate the G1000 rather than the airplane. :slight_smile:


I would try the float g1000 because you could learn how to land on water as well after you get used to the non floats version

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Just in general, most of us actually completed our private pilot license before getting a float rating.

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Uhh the 172 with Nxi… THEN I highly recommend the Austro engine mod with full Fadec (same as the Da40) available at flightsim.to by @MrTommymxr. The fuel leaning logic in MSFS is so terribly wrong that the Fadec controlling the jet fuel diesel engine is a huge improvement.

Read the pdf in the zip :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion,

Trying out floats certainly would be neat but right now the idea is to just start to understand how AP works and get use to flying with it so I think trying to concentrate on float take off and landings may be a step down the road once I get the instruments sorted out.



Yep, the JT-A will spoil you not having to deal with mixture. And when the JT-A moves, it moves. Climbs and cruises don’t feel so ponderous.

The Mod Author just needs to align the Engine Data pages with the latest changes in NXi 0.7.0.

Edited to add - the first time you take off in the JT-A, be prepared to trim aggressively. She likes to climb, and that TDI just does not give up anything - not at 1,000, not at 15,000 which is about the highest I took her on my Kansas to Norway delivery mission the other month. I don’t even have to pull back a lot, it really moves. 125-130 true for most profiles.

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I quite enjoy the steam gauge C172. Although as already stated, the G1000 version now that the NXi is a thing is pretty awesome in many ways.

Still though, I still have as soft spot for the steam gauge variant.


Me too. It feels super immersive somehow. I like the glass cockpits in the bigger jets, but for GA, the 172 classic is my favourite


I’ve been using the G1000 version more as of late because the trim is a bit screwy in the steam gauge version since SU5 and because the NXi is just so ■■■■ awesome.

But if asked which is my favourite, there’s no contest. It’s the steam gauge version hands down.

Same here for GA twins, long range GA flights and jets I use g1000 on the really long flights because I don’t want to have the map window open if it’s a short around the airport area flight than I go with steam gauge plus I use the Logitech g autopilot panel all the time so I don’t have to find the autopilot on the radio messing with the camera

Didn’t know about this modification, thanks for posting it!

Here’s the link to the forum topic for this:

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