C208 GPS - magenta line active for last leg of flight?

I’m on PC with

On creating a multi-leg flight for a C208 the standard GPS seems to activate the last leg of the flight. Why? I can’t seem to activate the 1st leg of the flight either. This is not related to the modifications since SU5 of the added waypoints. Has anyone else experienced this? In the screenshot I have drawn in blue lines where the magenta line should start to go from. My plane is situated at the origin. The magenta line is the last leg of the flight. I feel it is an issue that has come about from a very recent update…

This should have been fixed.
Master bug topic: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/flightplan-from-world-map-not-working-magenta-line-not-drawn/391555

If not, please create a new bug report. Thank you!