C208B Grand Caravan EX Mods General

Alright, so this discussion of Caravan modding and cooperation has made this thread a bit of a hub so I will change the title post to match.

EDIT: Sim Update 4 has massively changed the Caravan.

Active mods:
C208B Improvement Mod, now led by MagrainaOne

C208B with No Cargo Pod Mod by Parorng


This would be better for everyone involved in the long run, the community and the devs.


I just checked the mod by @MagrainaOne and it looks very promissing! They are doing a great job so far with the garmin panels and are more than welcome to use my flightmodel.cfg, engines.cfg and apron.cfg files. These files probably need some tuning but they already corrected some of the problems of the aircraft behavior. I still haven’t checked but maybe the other modifications mentioned are doing a better job than mine regarding the flight model/engine.


The best caravan possible would be a cargo version on floats :slight_smile: (we had it in fs2k4)
Jokes aside, @drosophila81 made a very nice initial job, hopefully the community can iterate on that one and take it to the level of many mods we have like the amazin turbo bonanza, the cj4, etc.


Would it be possible to use both mods (Drosophila and MagrainaOne)?

There’s also this variation by @TrentKama which I’ve tried and it seems good…
Caravan issues

Fuel capacity/weight tweaked for compatibility with OnAir. Yaw Damper works. Brake effectiveness increased. Nose wheel angle increased for better ground handling. T/O flaps changed to 20deg. Among everything else Dr0sphilia and Exp232 did

I should add, that for me, any mod without effective reverse thrust is a non-starter as I use this aircraft for a lot of bush and other short runway situations.

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I think this is funny. I have been looking for a C208 download and actually downloaded one that works pretty well for me, BUT… I don’t remember which one of the half dozen or more I downloaded! :laughing:

Duuude yes! A cargo/ cargo float would be bomb! Also, a version without the cargo carriage and or added tunrda tires would be nice too! I’m currently touring the Bahamas and these would be excellent for landing close to islands or on sandbars. A Kodiak/Daher Quest 100 would be very welcome as well. :sunglasses:


Well, working together has advantages and disadvantages. Top disadvantage: You have to coordinate, that takes time.
At the moment, FS2020 is still very new and I experiment a lot and I like to get feedback quick.
But I see clearly the advantage of working together - to have on the long run ONE Cessna 208B mod that has good cockpit, good garmin and good flight model, too.
I normally have a livery mod and I normally test that my flight model mod does not interfere with the livery mod. Later we can combine. And maybe in between things get broken - but we can fix this. Let the community evolve. Don’t expect the PERFECT solution now.

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Not possible, but I will working on them, to merge the projects!

Now I realized why there is something happening on my github. I was wondering cause I didn’t promoted this yet.

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I fully agree with that.
I already had planned to implement a lot of things which are already done by someone else and many more. Maybe there are ways to solve indicate and solve some problems together.

I think 208 needs to improve some issues:

  1. Compatible with WT G1000 and related notices
  2. Adjust the physical logic of the turboprop, including start, ITT, torque, fuel flow, center of gravity, and reverse propeller.
  3. Adjust the C208’s aerodynamic model, including anti-torque, flaps, brakes, friction, high-slope circling, angle of attack and angle of attack, turbulence effect, speed, etc.
  4. Adjust the output power of the engine, and the influence on the output of the engine at different speeds, altitudes and external environments.

The logic problem of the turbo engine has existed since fs2000, and now only XP can pay attention to it and adjust to the right direction. I am now using Aboso C208B Grand Caravan EX Modding by Exp232 and added TrentKama’s correction, which feels good. I hope that aboso will be able to adjust the underlying logic of the turbine engine in the future to be more emulated.

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Oh of course, no one should expect perfect right now. Mods will mature as the sim and the SDK matures. But even in terms of solo development, you always have the ability to keep tabs on the other projects, implementing popular changes where they fit into your own model, especially simpler things like systems, lighting integrations, etc that don’t interfere directly with your custom flight model. Like Exp’s latest dev build disabling the spoiler handle improved the airplane so much for many players frustrated with the ‘invisible spoiler’ issue. Looking through different project’s .cfgs with Notepad++'s Compare plugin has been very interesting!

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Haha, yeah I saw one of your posts in the Turboprop lighting thread that you were working on the mod. Sorry for the premature spotlighting!

I posted this on another thread, but they get lost so easily.

I finally found a complete version of the C208B EX flight manual. It’s been notoriously hard to find. Here’s a link in case anyone finds it helpful, especially for performance data etc.


Hello MagrainaOne, lets talk about it. First we should talk about want is important. Second what of the important things are impossible right now because the simulation core can not do and third how to test the mod
An important thing for me is “left turning tendencies”: At ground the airplane moves left, but in the air it does not. This is a problem in the simulation core we can not fix now.
Next example is “propeller drag”. Again this important behavior is not in the simulation core. I fake it with flaps drag/lift modifier.
Another one is “rudder at set turn, unset turn”. Again this important behavior is not in the simulation core. It was in FSX.
Do you have some examples?
Last but not least is testing. I am no pilot. Somebody has to explain me how to test. That is what to do and what to expect. A very simple test is sink rate: Stop the engine, use trim to set a airspeed and test that the vertical speed is some value. Where can we get our test cases?

Sure, but actually I’m finishing my next version with a lot of stuff and then I got time to have an focus on new things. And there are also some livery request for my VA which I need to do as well. This will take some time for me.
I haven’t planned to promote my mod yet cause I’m actually not at this stage, where I want to be with it.

There are yet some problems which are hard to fix or not possible yet cause there are some bugs in the game itself or cause they are not well documented.
For example one thing which I actually struggling with is the reversionary mode of the g1000. I got it to work as expected but if I do this, the G1000 will reflect any light which comes from sun or the cabin.

To test something, we also need to involve the community to get some feedback. But for a simple test, the POH is also a good beginning.

No problem

Thank you, I got them already and yes it was really hard to find the right version.