C208B Grand Caravan EX Mods General

Yes the compare plugin is really useful if you just want to compare some files.
I agree with you. My focus is to finish up the most simplest things first, cause actually a lot of things are more like try and error. And this is really annoying and will take a lot of time.
Programing or scripting is a lot easier if things are clear.

There is a compatibility with WT in my mod.
Adjusting the logic is not that easy, cause a lot of calculations are done with a great complexity. This will take time to get in there and if they could bring a lot of problems with any aircraft.
But the base is not that bad, with some little changes, but even not everything.

To adjust aerodynamics, there is a need to know really good examples how it should be. I can only do things like how good my knowledge is about that.
I imagine Asobo is doing that in the same way.
There are even two ways to work on this, by changing some parameters and hopefully this week rks fine and the other by optimization the physical calculations. But that’s even a complex thing.

There are already a lot of things there, which maybe only need to adjust.

With more complexity of a mod there also comes a lot of need for development for this project to let it work with each new update.

We will see.

I really admire that you can make your own mods to improve the flight characteristics of C208. Hope your work gets better and better!
Excuse me, is your work still under development? If it continues, I consider switching to your mod for shooting flight in the future.

Most of this is still under development.

If anyone needs any mod testing done, I’m more than happy to lend a helping hand. I flew C208’s for almost 10 years (though not the EX) so hopefully that may be useful.

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Yes that would be cool!
The EX is in some ways different but in most of it is the same. So it would be great to get some feedback raleted to your own experience.

Thank you very much. Here are the first questions for you about approach, final approach:
1.) At while speed/distance to TDZ (touch down zone) you extend flaps?
2.) If you extend flaps does the airplane rise, sink or don’t change altitude?
3.) If you extend flaps does the speed reduces, stay the same?
4.) FS2020 can not do propeller drag. I fake it with lift/drag modifier. Do you think the fake is good? What is real altitude/speed at THR (threshold). What is the distance THR to TDZ and what is TDZ speed? The best I can do is to use the 15° flaps settings for more lift and the 30° flap setting for more drag.
My current FM (flight model) mod is v1.2. Get it on http://www.andreadrian.de/FS_2020_sailplanes/index.html


Any feedback on the updated flight model from last patch? LOTS of changes in there, no stick time on it yet. Wondering if the new Asobo flightmodel + any of the updated engine.cfg’s are a good combo.

I just spent some time island hopping around St. Maarten and wasn’t struck by any changes. I feel like the takeoff roll and initial climb is still way too sluggish, which has been my biggest gripe.

Whats the best mod to use?

Good question. I’m using the one I linked several posts above and happy with it, but then I’m not a real pilot so wouldn’t know a good mod from a bad mod :slight_smile:

For engine performance and flight model, Drosophila4641/Exp232’s is excellent. JayDee6281 made a couple of decent changes but the 20 degree flap setting is too much. MagrainaOne’s mod is mostly systems related as far as I can tell. I ended up combining Drosophila4641/Exp232’s and MagrainaOne’s mod into one with the addition of a 51.5 degree steering angle.

Can you post your mod? lol sounds good.

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@dgtlanlg, sounds good! It would be nice if you could somewhere post your combo. I believe that I am using Drosophila4641/Exp232’s mods, can really tell because in MSFS Addons Linker under creator it states: Asobo Studio Version 0.1.48 :slight_smile:

I don’t mind sharing, but I don’t want to step on any toes; MagrainaOne’s is still a WIP. My version is just a frankenstein mash up of the two.

I’m just finishing up a texture mod to go along with it, if you can hang tight a couple of days, I’ll post it here.


Look forward to it. Thanks for the hard work on behalf of all of us.

In the reverse version of Drosophilas Mod you cant pop out the g1000 Displays with Avionics off. Only works after switching them on. In the Version without Reverse it is working. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Just to update, I decided to take a look at the config files to correct some issues, so it’s taking a little longer than expected.


Really looking forward to your mod. Thank you!

For those interested, here is the mod I put together. It’s a combination of @Drosophila4641/@Exp232’s engine/flight model, and @MagrainaOne’s systems/avionics, with the following changes:

  • minimum_on_ground_beta, reverted to default.
    MSFS doesn’t appear to simulate the beta range; minimum pitch is held until the governor kicks in at the selected RPM. The throttle controls engine power through its entire range. I think in this case, real world values should be ignored, and adjustments made based purely on the behavior of the aircraft while taxiing. Coarser minimum pitch results in lower prop RPM and reduced thrust at idle power, together with ground friction, it’s possible to have a faux beta if you ignore what the engine and prop are doing. Still needs work. Maybe someone else can come up with a better solution.

  • Reduced the reverse thrust range slightly.

  • Max prop RPM reduced.
    The prop RPM now stabilizes at 1900, previously it was around 1924 during takeoff and climb.

  • Nosewheel steering angle, increased to 51.5 (default 22)
    I don’t use rudder pedals, so this gives the tighter turn you’d get with differential braking. There is an entry in systems.cfg, differential_braking_scale, that applies differential braking when the rudder is deflected, but the effect is clunky. Depending on your setup, you might want to play around with these numbers. It can be found in the flight_model.cfg, while the differential_braking_scale is in the systems.cfg

  • Yaw damper enabled.

Included in the mod is a 4k texture map that replaces the default cockpit texts/decals.

  • The text for the anti-ice max flow has been swapped to match the reverse modelling of the switch.
  • Spelling mistakes/typos corrected.
  • Fonts changed/text adjusted to better match later model EX’s.
  • Placards redone.
  • Markings redone.
  • Colours adjusted.
  • Missing decals/texts added.
  • A bunch of position and size adjustments.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AoEurGV8HXj6zB-cvBzTdHNYnVgA8P0b/view?usp=sharing

You’ll need to have Working Title’s G1000 mod installed if you haven’t already, and Magraina’s annunciation fix, found on their github https://github.com/SheepCreativeSoftware/msfs2020-C208-Improvment-Mod

I’ve also redone the text for the GMC710 autopilot and the magnetic compass. The default text is fairly accurate, though, so if you don’t want to deal with another mod, it probably isn’t worth it.

You can get it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r6_sLmsZRQ5e8x3v9xHBrWlbNRUWXY__/view?usp=sharing