Cairo Intl. HECA Airport altitude off by 200ft ish

PC using steam no dev mode
HECA//Cairo Intl. Altitude is 467ft as per charts and wikipedia. The premium deluxe version hand made by asobo has an altitude of 235ft which makes the perfectly correct Navigraph ILS approaches unusable. Please adjust the altitude of HECA to correctly match reality. On VATSIM I was 200ft lower than all the other aircraft which made some very interesting scenes.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Fly at Premium Deluxe Cairo HECA

I guess 05L/23R may cause issues being so much lower but I’d rather have the airport apron and other runways correct.

`Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

I do confirm that

Therefore, both ILS and RNP aren’t working at all. Hopefully it could be fixed

Are you on Xbox, Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Microsoft PC
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Description of the bug:
Cairo Airport , Elevation incorrect ( Asobo Airport by the way )
Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:
As above
Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Park anywhere on airport look at altitude
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Not relevant
Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Since Alpha

The Airport has 3 elevations , RWY 05L is 190 rising to 199 , 05C is 382 to 375 and 05R 448 to 457 feet …
Please consider fixing this @Jummivana its a big problem landing IFR if the elevations are incorrect …

Pushing this as this is still an issue. Asobo, pls fix.

Same here, the Issue is still not fixed.

Just another glitch in The Matrix…
Found out today the hard way when landing…
If following the ILS glideslope, landing at 2/3 of the runway length.
If manual landing after realizing the glitch, passengers need to change underwear after deboarding.
The terrain glitch looks obvious when landing on 23L, there is a big trench close to the runway, and then the full airport surface looks well below the ground normal level.
Surprising that, being a hand crafted airport, this has not yet been solved after 10 SU and 11 WU

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It’s REALLY SAD that Asobo doesn’t care at all, when people send bug reports in the forum.

I already did as well. In months not any little response. That’s not a good customer care!

The same here. Asobo is neither fixing the HECA-problem nor fixing the broken RWY-problem at ESSA. It is not useful to publish every month an update (eventually with new problems) before the old annoying mistakes are solved.

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11 months , and the elevation data of HECA is still NOT fixed ,
4 world updates and 3 SU updates , could even be more . . .

Well lets hope . . .

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Yep. This is disappointing.

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Just flew there yesterday and elevation is still off, no fixes yet.

Same here, I also had no airport buildings.

Still the same
spread the word guys
let your friends know about this and ask them to vote please


How to vote ?

look up in this thread you will find a vote square beside the thread’s header

Hope they fix it soon

Not just HECA but all airports. The terrain data at a lot of airports is absolutely terrible and pathetic.

I would hope that Asobo would work on a WU Africa for once, worth actual multiple updates and not EU, US, NZ for the Nth time. Do Africa for once. Completely ignoring a whole continent seems to be convenient.

I specifically purchased the deluxe edition when MSFS launched, hoping to get a decent HECA. I haven’t found any other alternatives, pay or freeware.

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Imho they should STOP creating any more new content and focus for 3 or better 6 month only to fixing annoying old bugs and behaviors!