Calls from Pilot2ATC with FSLTL

Can anyone confirm having Pilot2ATC actually give calls in reaction to FSLTL traffic? I am using Pilot2ATC with FSLTL. I know that pilot2ATC can not control traffic, but I believe I should be getting “traffic in sight” type of calls or go-arounds in reaction to traffic. I can confirm that it is seeing the player traffic and FSLTL injected traffic via the map. When I turn on visibility for those, I see them. I have :Airborne traffic alerts" on. If anyone has thoughts, here are my settings and a sample flight from Sunday through the Los Angeles airspace using VFR Flight following via Pilot2ATC. Any help is appreciated and, yes, I have asked over on avsim forums too.

Given you already have a thread going with Dave (Developer of Pilot2ATC) I doubt you’ll get any better insight then what you are getting over there.

He’s pretty responsive and I imagine will get back to you with findings on the logs you submitted a half hour ago.


We exchanged several emails with respect to an unrelated issue he saw which was that tower never gave me a freq change call and he made a fix in the code related to that for me to test, but I didn’t get any responses the several times I inquired as to the ATC issue even in the emailed exchange. I took their only responding to the tower issues as not wanting to get into discussing FSLTL ATC matters. I’m going to test with the default ATC and see if it behaves any differently. If it does, it tells me its with FSLTL’s implementation not connecting with what pilot2ATC is expecting, and if it doesn’t, it means I’m likely doing something wrong.