Can anybody tell me what is currently the best driver for the GTX 1080?

Can anybody tell me what is currently the best driver for the GTX 1080?

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I don’t have a 1080, I have a 1070, and I’m using the latest , 511.23, with no issues.

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Thanks for the response. Do you like better than 457.30?

Regardless you should always keep your drivers up to date.

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I regularly update.
The only one I ever had a problem with was two versions ago.
These certainly work fine, and I haven’t noted any stutters with them.

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Thanks for all the input, I will probably update to 511.23. Thanks again!!

I run a 1080ti and for me the best driver is always the latest one…

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Appreciate the input. I wasn’t sure whether the newer drivers primarily benefited the newer cards.

You shouldn’t have any issues but keep in mind some of the new features in this driver do not support the 10series which isn’t a deal breaker.


Understood… I know the 1080 is showing its age. :slight_smile:

This topic comes up in sim/gaming forums, and the culture of the community is made plainly obvious. The other simulator which is taboo here (LOL), their position is “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” and their moderators and community leaders anoint themselves “right” on their recommendations to use old drivers.

But that advice is not really good advice in 2022 because the security threat scape is always increasing, and GPU’s are an attack vector – and a very good one since the GPU runs with kernel privileges.

But from a gaming/sim experience perspective, running the latest almost always provides the best experience from the point of stability and glitch-free, and performance.

The only exception, is when a very old and aged rendering engine is involved. That other sim used to have to be babied because it used openGL. But these days, it uses a modern rendering engine and you don’t have to baby it.

The latest drivers work fine, and the default settings do too – except for power management should be set to performance.

So even if you run the other sim, it works fine if you follow the norm of updating GPU whenever a new stable is dropped.

Does it sometimes happen that a new driver introduces issues? Yes. But that is somewhat rare – and when it does happen, the right things to do is roll it back (with DDU) and validate the new issue is gone, then go raise a bug report to the GPU driver team.

And be prepared to provide evidence that you have found a bug, including a way to reproduce it, etc.

Probably 99% of the time, driver bugs reported by the user community are not real.

BTW, I run a 1080 too. Not dead yet .


I’m currently running 497.29 with absolutely no issues on my 1080. I have not tried 511.23 yet. I’m waiting to see some more feedback on it.

I agree with all you said, with emphasis on your very last sentence. I am very happy with the way the 1080 has held it’s own with all the games I currently play.

I’ve had the strangest experience with the 511.23 driver (I have an RTX 3070). After I installed the driver, my PC went from taking about 15 seconds to start after a soft boot to over a minute. I backed off the new driver, and my boot time went back to about 15 seconds again. Note this is NOT the Windows login time, but the time from when the ‘Restart’ option is selected until my login screen appears. The operation of MSFS seemed to be fine though.

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to research it yet, so I’m hanging with 497.29 until I do.

EDIT: I used DDU to uninstall the 497.29 driver and reinstalled 511.23 and the slow boot problem disappeared.

I had to downgrade all the way back to 496.76 due to CTD. I think I have a dying 1080 though :’(

I upgraded to the new 522.23 driver yesterday and have experienced no problems so far. The frame rates seem marginally improved and the stutters at EGLL seem to be reduced. The Sim and the airport loading seem to be quicker also. Graphics quality is as good, if not better. So far so good.


There is an RTX 2070 in my PC.
I updated the Nvidia driver to 511.23 and re-enabled HAGS.
I made two flights for a total of about 4 hours in real weather and I didn’t have any problems. (I’m happy) :smiley:

Good comment regarding the security issues. Very valid point.

I use the latest drivers always…in the hope that there is some kind of performance improvement in VR. (so far none :slight_smile:

Otherwise, no issues on performance using latest drivers.

511.23 is superb

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