Can msfs remain as a PC flight sim and a xbox flight game

One platform is locked and limited


This is what happens when you try and run a flight sim on something that was meant for spreadsheets and email.

Should have never come out for PC. (Sarcasm):joy:

Seriously platforms should not be the debate. A quality piece of software should be.


Regardless of what some of these forum members might say, under the hood, MSFS is a SIM through and through :wink:

Microsoft might put some “gamey” stuff on the superficial level to appeal to more casual players, but the core of the sim is a physics simulation that can accurately reproduce aircraft behavior based on the fundamental principles of flight… As long as the plane makers know what they are doing lol (supplying the physic engine with good data is still very important.)


I’m about to be shot down here for sure . My real concern and why I genuinely asked the question is that compromises have been made and prob will continue to ensure that the title runs on both platforms . However i dont see this being a top ten xbox title 10 years from now , does anyone …the fact that a top gun enhancement pack was announced so soon after launch and while promoting the xbox launch … i dont believe was geared to appeal to those using a PC platform. Since Combat games and simulators are readily available to PC users for years .if this title …notice I refrain from calling it game or sim is to stay current and fresh it will depend on the modding community to create and innovate but unfortunately alas my understanding is that most of that won’t be
fully available go those who utilise xbox or will it ?


Not sure about your comment?

  1. Not sure if gamers will take the time to study real aircraft systems?

  2. Could be possible for VFR but not IFR or airline flying.

  3. There are pilots using flight sims to help in their flight training and there is no question that it helps those people.

  4. Games in general are a high for most people till the next game that will give them the next high. In most cases gamers are not the studying kind.

So as to this flight simulator there is a need for both one will be short term the other will be long term.

This is all up to Microsoft depending what they will do?

It might be the case it only boils down to: “As long as the plane makers know what they are doing lol (supplying the physic engine with good data is still very important.)

Would this mean experienced pilots commenting in the following topic (Summary of missing items in MSFS) might have been using aircraft not made to fly well enough because their makers didn’t know what they were doing, or are the makers not capable according to you to build any good aircraft for FS2020, like reminded here:

The marketplace desperatly needs quality control ASAP - Community / Marketplace - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

“Subjective” is the keyword. Got myself a VKB gladiator and the sim flies beautifully. So peripheral matters a great deal as well.

IRCC, it usually takes PMDG 2-3 years to make ONE PLANE. Asobo made 20 of them, along with REST OF THE SIM in 6 years. Big difference.


No more than compromises to allow it to run on high-end and low-end PCs.

The Forza racing games sell many millions of copies more than many huge ‘games’ because that’s built a thundering audience over time - MSFS is just starting out on Xbox.

There’s a significant majority of the sim that will work perfectly well on Xbox (I have a HOTAS and pedals myself) and we’re only just starting - more functionality will follow the money.


I fully understand your question and I thought about it too but I think console gaming is getting so advanced it may soon be at the level of decent gaming machines without the need for upgrading every 6 months.

Me personally I was always a console gamer and I made the switch initially for sim racing and I could never go back but what I have noticed is how fast hardware becomes inefficient.

Asobo and especially look at revenue and the reach is far more profitable with the Xbox users. Microsoft and Asobo only really care about profit realistically.

I think we need to embrace it as a community and welcome them im pretty sure they will figure out the balance. We tend to forget this is the through flight sim that has ventured into the console world.

Give it time but I do see your point

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Now in my 50’s and aviation nerd also started my simming career on the spectrum. Then brought s pc of flight 96 , Jane’s ww2 fighters and Microsoft combat. Then flight 2004 and to was all set for 2020 on pc. Updated the memory, graphics card and got yoke and rudder pedals but could never get the program to run smoothly. But also have an X mainly for racing games and found to my delight 2020 runs as smooth as silk. Call it a game or sim, I don’t care. It’s great to go VFR-ing round the known world in so much detail. Shovel or Spade they still dig and on the Xbox fewer distractions and more of my friends are getting hooked.


The Top Gun DLC was announced because the movie was announced (again). They are both to be released together

As we can see with WU6, Asobo already tries to make MSFS use the available hardware again. With WU6 the cap on RAM usage has been removed.

If I were a developer and introduced software for a second platform, I would also try to make them work together, by first only concentrating on the weaker platform (XBox). SU5 was a very complex operation and while there were several hickups I actually expected much much worse than actually happened. Since they won’t be introducing another platform any time soon, I also expect the remaining important problems to be solved.

So far I am actually rather content with the way things are going concerning XBox vs PC. The amount of content added for free is unprecedented, new features were introduced and many bugs have been solved. There is still a lot to be done, but as I have said many times, MSFS is a long term project. Didn’t expect it to be perfect from the beginning. XPlane and P3D also took many years to become what they are now.

About the future: 3rd party devs determine the future of flight sims and since XBox only has the marketplace, PC will always be shead there.

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This is a timely and well phrased question - better than I could have put it myself -althoufh I have been asking myself the same thing recently.

In the light of the rubbish track record in the 13 months, I’ve been questioning whether, should X-Plane release another version, I would continue to use this MicrAssobo product.

I’m pretty certain the answer would be “no” - my trust in the product has been eaten away by what I perceive as incompetence (or lack of care and expertise)

Bottom line - as a “simmer” I have seen very little evidence that MicrAssobo genuinely cares for its customers.

Platform= XBox= Money and that is the bottom line, sadly.

I suspect that this platform was only ever going to be a “game” from the outset and that this was not articulated so as not to alienate the “core” community. And we now see what a poorly supported and optimised product it is, which makes it hard for me,personally to feel any loyalty to it.

Even as a “game” the quality control is pathetic. When you look at, say, PMDG - how much they care about the quality of their products you realise why strong revenue and customer loyalty flow from having the right attitude and diligence.

I wonder how this might have played out if a company which had similar credentials/ values to PMDG had been put in charge of this project.

Rather differently I would speculate.

And frankly the delay (in both movie and DLC) may usefully give MS/A a little breather.

You are probably right.

Man, you really haven’t seen what a rubbish track record looks like. In fact I have NEVER seen a dev team in over 40 years of gaming and simming more invested in the community than Asobo were.

Have you ever considered that they have just not concentrated on what you find important? Igf anything is clear, then that MSFS biggest selling point was graphics and VFR. And with all the problems concerning draw distance etc. It us vastly superior to anything out there including professional simulators by Airbus and Boeing.
The other side of the coin is that IFR and systems are still lacking compared to XPlane and P3D.

If you expect a sim this complex to be perfected in only 13 months you might want to work on your expectations or be resigned to being unhappy. A flight sim isn’t a shooter where every year a new and better game is released
And if you say XPlane: check back what XPlane 10 was like when it came out. Most people beluttled it and thought it would never remotely be as good as FSX … but it evolved into Xplane 11 and today it probably still is the best alrounder.


I don’t understand the ASOBO position.

Any programmer with any experience/knowledge should be able to
construct a decision tree that says:

If XBOX then Do
else Do

Where “else Do” means PC ( or everything not XBOX)

This could be done in the code and no one would be any wiser.

Thus, none of all of this XBOX vs PC business.

I’m an old timer but that is the way we used to code.
Maybe the new systems are not as simple.
But, I doubt it.

Even the FS2020 application on start up on a users device (PC, XBOX).
If XBOX then DO
else DO

Just remember the Captain of this ship is Microsoft.

Heck, they have the best of the best programmers. I hope.

Anyway, It is an ASOBO problem.

But for me the question is with regards the top gun enhancement pack is a big why . Other than its latched onto a movie release about flying.

Msfs isn’t a combat sim or is it going to become just that with this topgun pack . If so what target audience is that appealing to.? Or more importantly what is Microsoft’s long term vision with this title . Is it going to become less sim more game and potentially a combat simulator to boot .since who is going to be content flying a f14 or whatever that cant simulate rocket fire. Sorry I realise that’s another question I ve posed .

Why don’t you start you own Topic?


Not that again. :roll_eyes:
Ever since the MB339 was published this argument has popped up with every single new military plane. Ok here it goes:

The question is: why not?
Flying is flying and the fact that military planes are, and always have been, hugely popular shows that even without guns and bombs managing to fly a Spitfire or F/A 18 can be rewarding. Hell even FS5 already had an aircraft carrier.

Also I wouldn’t want to spend money and time for another learning curve on two sims. While DCS may be free, the addons aren’t. Also the terrain graphics suck.

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