Can Nose Wheel Steering be reset / re-enabled?

I have “Set Nose wheel steering to limit” assigned to a button on my flight stick. I use this when flying the F/A-18 as it cycles through the various nose wheel steering limits (LO / HI).

However, if I accidentally press this button when flying other planes (like the CJ4 as an example), it ends up disabling nose wheel steering and pressing it again does not re-enable it. This occasionally happens during a flight (I’m unaware that I pressed it), and then when I land I can’t get off the runway since steering is dead.

Is there any way to reset or re-enable nose wheel steering through other methods besides ending and restarting a flight? This seems to be an unexpected corner case with this control binding.

this not work?

Unfortunately I don’t see any method in that thread that re-enables steering if you accidentally hit the NWS to Limit key bind on a GA plane.

G Limiter (toggle) turns off nws for the f18, not sure if that works on other ac however.

F18 specific controller mapping would be my only other thought

I tried all of the various G limiter key binds to see if that would re-enable steering (used the CJ4) but none of those worked either. Thanks for the suggestion. I guess it’s just a corner case bug that it impacts other planes unintentionally.