SU9 for F-18E pilots, new NWS feature

Good morning to all F-18E sim pilots, here’s important information for a new Sim Update 9 feature.

To be able to steer the jet on the ground below 80 knots, you need to bind a key/button to “SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT”. The first press will turn on the steering and give an NWS indication in the HUD, subsequent presses will toggle between NWS and NWS HI. Once turned on, the “TOGGLE G LIMITER” command will turn NWS off.

Tutorials on the new CRS steering modes and waypoint/SEQ management to come in the next few days.


Why?? I didn’t notice any issues with the original steering.


This is how it works in the real thing, so it is technically an improvement from the last version.


The real thing also costs millions. Hope they don’t include that in the sim


I’d rather have an openable cockpit than complex steering. Although above 15kts it does handle like a Reliant Robin in a crosswind


How do you do this on an Xbox controller? What is this in the first place? I don’t understand.

Exactly. Getting more key bindings than Elite Dangerous.
Best move I made was changing to Hotas, keyboard and mouse combo.

For the sake of data organization - moved to #self-service:aircraft-systems

This is a completely unnecessary feature. We have to bind a button on the controller just to be able to steer one aircraft, while it could be used for all other aircraft for any other function? Am I understanding this correctly? As it stands the F/A-18 is unusable with the Xbox controller. I hope they remove this with a hotfix.


Honestly how many man hours to add in a steering button?
Could have had some better skins for the effort


I imagine this is being done in prep for when the “fully complete” Hornet goes live with the Top Gun Maverick addon is launched. If they include carrier operations with it, NWS HI will be a necessary feature to maneuver on the carrier deck.


I appreciate tbh, always hoped they would add tiller axis to the sim and we finally have it.


You can access it without a keybind, the button for it is on the front of the simulated flight stick so you could use the mouse. It’s quite hard to get at though.

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What is the difference between NWS and NWS HI? Also, it’s still an issue for anyone with an Xbox controller. Such extra features should be automatic. Imagine how many players are puzzled now. How should they know what to do?

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NWS allows up to 22.5 degrees deflection for the nose wheel, NWS HI allows up to 75 degrees deflection. Essentially NWS is for normal operation, NWS HI is for tighter turns operating narrower spaces.

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Thank you. I think that NWS HI should be active by default then, and if someone wants more immersion then they could map the button to their peripherals to change the mode. But disabling steering by default and not saying anything about it is not user-friendly. They can’t expect everyone to come here and find your thread. Prepare for many complaints - I think this is an oversight.


That would make takeoff extremely difficult, there is a point to be made about defaulting the jet to NWS mode on when taking off from a runway though.


This was in the beta too. It’s in the interactive checklist, I figured it out without any trouble even before seeing this thread. I’m on xbox but with HOTAS and mouse.

OK, I ended up binding this new feature to LT+RT. It at least makes some sense as the triggers are used for steering anyway. And this combination is not used elsewhere.

Please just open the sdk for weather radar and chaseplane, why do you guys waste so much time on this nonsense , if you want to fly a study level F-18 get DCS