Discussion + Poll: Sim Update 9 (

ground steering = Read the patch notes, use search. it’s not a bug…

Nose Wheel Steering

They were picked up by several of us, reported, warned, even to the point of recommending to delay the xbox release. No response or course alteration from Asobo came about from this, so they still haven’t got the hang of this beta testing thing. This was avoidable pain for much of the xbox userbase.

eg. See https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ctd-and-performance-issues-xbsx/511248/9


Had to end task after this awful update…screenshot says it all…what a joke!

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I use a Thrustmaster HOTAS X. All settings set to real/hard. Was able to steer all aircraft as usual with differential braking. Tried starting up the sim today, this update got downloaded and then couldn’t even turn out of the apron. Then spawned on runway and tried a takeoff. On takeoff roll speeds ~ 80 - 120 KIAS on applying rudder aircraft had slight directional control but I guess thats aerodynamic and nothing to do with wheel brakes. Will appreciate any help…

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Did you restart msfs after update, or just start flying?

Delete the rolling cache and reset it also.

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Nose Wheel Steering F18

I always restart the PC after every update.
I can try the rolling cache you suggest thankyou - but Im not holding my breath what size do you set yours too ? Mine is set to 100GB and I point it to a path on my fast NV Disk storage.


VFR map is frozen again, from CDG to SEA…

I respectfully disagree. I think it has been like this for the first couple of weeks after every update.

Usually, things calm down once people get their now faulty add-ons removed or updated and workarounds for various problems are found and shared. In some cases a hotfix has been necessary, so those with issues would serve themselves best by spending more time providing as much info about their use cases as possible and less on venting their dissatisfaction.

It does seem like there are more widespread XBox issues this time, though, but not all XBox users seem to be hit, and it’s impossible to tell how many actually are. If you have a serious problem, this is where you come to report it and try to get help, but if you don’t, you just keep flying.

Whats up with ATC they sound so moody now…(not getting paid enough maybe?).

“Good day!”



I have already mentioned that…she is like my wife when I forget to buy something… :slight_smile:


I know tell me about it!
The women ATC is more grumpier sounding than the man though so yeah maybe she is having a bad hair day.

Great update Asobo! LOL


I don’t have massive more studders, but performance degraded definately in this release. Will post my CapeFrameX print screens during the weekend.


I am doing a short 2 hour flight flying over Germany, and i would expect my fps to be around 30 and I can handle that but even short 2 hour flights are affected now with fps degradation more so with this update.

Please for the love of god rollback or update this now. Its ok to admit you made a mistake just rollback.

From sim 1-8, not a single problem all smooth.

Now. Not so lucky with SU9. mouse not working properly in cockpit. Panning is ok, but cannot click anything in the cockpit.

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  • try the fix resize the ATC window or any windows. does not work
  • mouse to default, also doesn’t solve the issue

Been dealing with this issue for several hours. But no success.
No question this SU is problematic upon seeing the comments on this thread. Hope a hottix will be issued.

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only maybe for some next and exact NXI new version discussion. I set input at enter airport ID with PC keyboard and discovered that during write all keys has set binded functions to aircraft also. Very satisfied with NXI project but maybe some problem can exists also with sim functionality. We need do more tests but really is sometimes hard to do tests than enjoy flying.

After almost 2 years this game is getting broken more with each update. Bad product.


It’s like that since a few months now.

What did the change so drastically in this update to cause issues with xbox suddenly?

They haven’t gone into any detail about running out of ram and SU9 doesn’t feel like anything big with regards to changes to have such a bad impact for xbox users.

You, sir just made my day! Thanks! :smiley: