Can not make default ATC fuselage id go away

I am trying to remove the default atc (registration #) id from appearing on my livery. I see other liveries have achieved this somehow. I even removed it from the official aircraft config. Still AFX320 shows up. Even tried to change font id color using the example which also doesn’t work. Leaving " " on the livery aircraft config doesn’t work either. Any help would be much obliged.

You need to alter the panel.cfg to do that. That means adding another Panel.xx folder with the original files copied, but then alter the new cfg file. Look at the last sections will be [VPaintingnn]. One of those will be for the exterior. The last line of that section will be something like this:

painting00=Registration/Registration.html?font_color=white, 0, 0, 1024, 256

Change the last two numbers to zeros, and the exterior registration will be rendered two small to show on-screen.


And if the livery don´t have any panel folder, what should I do?

That’s what I’m saying - you create one. The aircraft.cfg references which panel folder gets used in the [fltsim.xx] section. Panel = “” means use the folder simply called “Panel.” Panel = “noreg” would mean use the panel folder named “Panel.noreg” instead.

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Ok. I will try the ‘noreg’ because when I tried regular panel I lost the whole livery in the hanger.

I’ve also had hit and miss success doing this. I used the exact same method on two different base package aircraft. One worked perfectly, and another completely disabled the plane.

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This is defiantly something Asobo needs to correct. Should be as simple as atc id enable= 1 or 0. You can’t have an accurate livery with a reg # on a standardized location.

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So true. I am wondering do some of the repainters actually check their liveries in the sim at all.

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So I was able to get rid of the default reg # by using atc id = “-” . You will see a tiny dash on your fuselage but it doesn’t look bad. I can live with it for now. I also noticed that if you try atc id = " " with a space in between, the SIM will not load at all if you have that livery as the displayed livery in your hanger. However, if you move to any other livery, the SIM will load and then there will be nothing in the default reg # location. But after your flight you will not be allowed to exit to the main menu. There is something about that gap the SIM doesn’t like so I am going with the dash for now.

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If it doesn’t like the space, I wonder what it would do with a non-standard character like ¼…

Here’s a complete description on how to remove the Registration How to turn off the Registration Number with the Panel.cfg file (from YMF5 livery discussion thread)

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