Can only zoom in out on world map, you broke the flight planner

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cannot plan a flight because i can’t roll the earth around i can only zoom in , or out to the middle of the atlantic

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: click on wolrd map and you can only zoom in our out.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant: still the same havent changed a thing

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: latest mandatory update

first it was on Xbox see this link : Unable to pan world map (using a mouse) since SU7

now it’s on PC

Try resetting your mouse profile to default.

No need you can use your own, but you have to asign a button to “GRAB WORLDMAP” under Menu in youre mouse profile.

This is the second time that #ASOBO changes ‘personal’ settings , stop doing that it’s really annoying.

If changes in control schemes are made, it’s not your profile that is changing, it’s that your profile is not longer compatible. The whole problem is that your personal settings are not changed.

it’s a ‘mouse’ the only thing i change is the inverted look , where up is up and left is not right , here comes an update and mouse is on a different profile , Again , joystick setting ruined , Again.

So in ‘mouse’ profile i unmark reverse axis , but nothing changes , up is down , left is right

so i mark reverse axis , but nothing changes , up is down , left is right.

1.Set mouse profile back to default and click save.
2.Delete your current custom mouse.
3.Create a new custom mouse and save it.