Can we get the Baron with Steam Gauges?

Dear Asobo Team

Please can we get the Baron airplane with steam gauges instead of the G1000???
It is so mutch more interesting and fun to plan and fly without a gps system…

Yes, i support the idea!



steam gauges with gns530/430 just like the steam skyhawk would be EXACTLY what I desire…


Here too…
I would love to see the Baron 58 in steam gauges :star_struck:


Let’s hope in Carenado :smiley:


I think “In addition to” not “instead of”. I enjoy both.

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I’d rather they fix the existing one but this would be nice.

Steam guages are one of the reasons I got the Carenado Piper PA44.


We need the requested additions to the Longitude addressed first (HUD, Cabin, etc)… :astonished: :anguished: :upside_down_face:


I bought the flight sim to practice instrument approaches and emergencies for my real airplane. Would like at least one twin in the available set with a configurable cockpit, i.e. steam gauges, with or without GNS 430/530, with or without HSI.


Steam Gauges with an open model for further improvements by Us.

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I would also like the option of steam guages on the Baron and any similar aircraft


Yeah I’d love that. I doubt there are many if any Baron’s with G1000’s in them in real life!.


Adding my vote for a Baron 58 with analog instrumentation. Honestly, there should have been an analog variant from the start - it and the C172 are the most iconic aircraft in the MSFS series. (with the King Air as #3)


Beechcraft Baron G58, Beechcraft Bonanza G36 with classic, traditional instruments

I really like Beechcraft Baron G58, Beechcraft Bonanza G36 airplanes. Microsoft / Asobo modeled the flying machines very nicely. Currently, both aircraft are made with digital displays and climbers by the developer.

I would like the developer to release these amazing machines with traditional, classic instruments as well. There is a need for classical instrumentation.


That would be a superb addition. Seems slightly bizarre that it wasnt included as standard!


Yes please.

Yes please. We use steam gauge aircraft to train in our virtual airline. The Baron BE58 is an ideal platform, and we use this across our other base systems. Including it with MSFS would make it perfect.

(We like steam gauges, as it shows trainess what the elctronic instruments are founded upon)

My vote has been added.
I’ve been creating a Baron D55 simulator using the actual aircraft maintenance manual as a guide to the instrument setout.
The one thing I can’t do is get a GNS530 in there.
The option of steam gauges would be awesome.


I found a way to get the Corenado Beech Baron B58TC with the “steam gauges” working and using FS2020 to display the scenery.

Here’s how I did it for those who are interested:

I have got P3Dv5.3 receiving and handling all the inputs from my buttons, switches, levers, encoders, rudders and the dual yokes for my Corenado Beech Baron B58TC.
Meanwhile FS2020 outputs very enjoyable quality scenery to my 3 data projectors.
All on the one PC
Done through the third party app called WidevieW.
No LAN involved - so no lag evident.
In my test flight this evening I was impressed how steady the system was. Really smooth.
Did a circuit and landing at my home town, Napier then off South, passing over my own house, to Wellington for an ILS approach.
Never flickered or snatched for a moment in the 1.25 hours of flight.
Exactly what I hoped for.
All the graphics settings in P3D are zero.
Only the main view is open in a little monitor off to the side (to facilitate access to the menu options), along with the ATC window; and the GNS530 going in the little LCD.
FS2020 has all the resources available (a humble RTX2070-S and 48GB RAM) to display the scenery through the data projectors.
I will call it my “Hybrid Sim”

YES Please hurry Up.