Can we have a positive day please?

With the next update fast approaching how about we all concentrate on reporting the positives we find during the next 24 hours rather than the negatives? There’s bound to be things that haven’t been fixed and others that have been broken. Unfortunately we’re all too quick to complain than to praise. So I just thought it would be nice for us all to make a concerted effort to let the developer know how much we appreciate what they are doing. Then, when we do get around to reporting any issues let’s do it in a more constructive way rather than pointing accusatory fingers and belittling the team and product.

If memory serves me right, in previous MS sims we’ve were lucky to get one update, sometimes two, and then would have to wait 2 years for the next version. Yet here we are 6-7 months from release and we’ve had how many updates? The quicker we all accept we’re on a long journey here, and there are going to be a great number of obstacles to overcome along the way, the better.

Here’s a thank you from me Asobo/MS :+1:


Couldn’t agree more. Also, if I may add that reading the forums, before writing on them, and using the search facility, can often yield results. Others are probably experiencing what you are, and duplicate threads just end up getting locked anyway, creating work for the mods.


100% agree. I look at some of the reports posted here in the forum, over the past 5 months, and am not surprised when those issues do not get addressed, because the reporting of the issue is so inadequate, and derogatory.


Well I am impressed, I replaced my older PC over the weekend. Yesterday it took 8 hours but I reinstalled MS2020 with all my content and today it boots up with my configuration as it was joystick and all. Well impressed, my other Flight sim good as it is is going to take me a lot of work to get it back to how it was.


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I love this sim i really do and the team who makes it…I do get anoyed tho when its working fine for weeks on end then just out of the blue half the sim is broken again


Sounds a bit like me :grin:

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Answer to the OP : When something is bothering me, I just go and do something else… Why people that cannot stand any decent critics wouldn’t just do something else ?

Also, only positive and negative vision is a borked way of looking at the world ! Life is not just “Yes or No”, “Bad and Good” etc, and has a ton of nuances. Seeing only the black and the white in a rainbow of thinking is kinda sad for you !

I read a ton of positive stuff around this forum each time i jump here, and also a ton of reports of what is wrong, and that are BOTH GOOD THINGS to look at if you have an evoluted mind and think about the future of the title that will not evolve without critics ! Imagine your kid doing bad stuff in front of you, and you would only praise ??

Critics can be good and bad.


I’m down with that… let’s stay positive!

And I’ll just post this from the Carter Family: The Carter Family - Keep on the sunny side - YouTube

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Good with that as well.

I’m always enjoying my flights (well except when the snow closed in a few hundred feet from landing and I clipped a building that was at the end of the runway (what were the planners thinking?)

And if you do have issues post it in the right place (bugs forum) and to zendesk.

Yes it launch day (or update day). Let’s give the dev a break and focus on the positive \o/

Well I agree in principle I can understand all the negative stuff in away. I’m ancient and have had every flight sim from the year dot lol!
When I purchased this sim I didn’t realise that we were on such a long journey! By the time the journey is finished I 'm worried I might not be about anymore! Many expected airliners to be simulated in a somewhat proper fashion when they got into this software… and to be honest I was pretty shocked to find how unfinished they were. That being said flying a light aircraft around over amazing scenery is well…AMAZING! I just wish the developers had said at the beginning that a lot of stuff wasn’t working and might be broken as well off and on. Ah well the sim is wonderful to fly in, but as I say I can understand the negative comments many of which are from die hard airliner sim pilots…


Sorry, but for me as an addon developer, MSFS developed to a bad direction. It got worse and worse since the launch last summer with every new “update”; and I’m really discouraged to go further with my projects. Unfortunately, I have only bad expectations on every “update” day. It is not nice anymore, and it is only the stunning graphics left of my previous enthusiastic view on MSFS. The last sim update caused me a huge damage to one of my projects, I spent too much of my less free time on it. Looking forward on what will MSFS destroy today and with the upcoming sim update …



No “bad thoughts” allowed! That will create a much more “POSITIVE” environment, which is very IMPORTANT in a user forum built for “HAPPINESS”, and none of that “UNHAPPINESS” nonsense. That type of mandate will make open discussions . . . just . . . BETTER. Kind of like Facebook or Twitter . . . just “POSITIVITY” all around!

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why do you feel the need to post negativity in a thread about positivity? There’s plenty of threads with negativity already, go post there.


Sorry to hear your views…I’ve got loads of add-ons (commercial and freeware) which has always been a big part of my flight simming and it is sad to know that developers like you are getting frustrated with the state of play. Is it because Asobo are ignoring you guys…or perhaps they are so far behind with stuff that they just have no time to worry how updates might impact third party stuff…
I admire you guys for what you do…maybe things will get better in the long run…take care…


In my opinion (and I’m often wrong) you should view the “bad direction” that MSFS has taken as an opportunity for you to enhance and grow your programming skills and take them to another level.

Look at the positives! You’ll be lauded for your perseverance and ability to overcome adversity.

Amen brother! MSFS has been in my life since I’m 12 and now I’m 28, i could not have dreamed of anything better and it just keeps getting better.


It always happens, at least every positive thread I’ve seen. Forum software to the rescue! :wink:



Super Excited for this update, hope it lands soon - Lots of flying around Bristol to follow!

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Me too! But, what am I missing in the Bristol area???

Being in the US, I rarely fly in Europe. Please adise…