Can we have our Classic flyby views and tower views back please

Only youtubers making showcase videos use the cumbersome drone views. They are ridiculous and so convoluted and clunky…99% of us don’t use them and don’t like them! We want a simple no nonsense flyby view.


Nope i dont think it has. It seems to be continually avoided or ignored by Asobo for some odd reason.

Absolute rubbish. Actually we want both. Drone cam AND fly by cam.

And as for the drone cam, you’re clearly watching the wrong YouTubers. Convoluted and clunky? I’d like to see you make a presentation video like that with only the fly by cam :joy:

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yes, drone view is not a workaround for having the flyby views or built-in approach views that FSX, P3D and XPLANE have…

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Voted. It’s difficult to see why this isn’t there, and especially unfathomable that a deliberate choice not to have it must have been made since it was in previous versions and other sims etc. It’s not like it is some new feature they simply didn’t think of. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see how it could possibly be more complicated to include this than it was to include the drone cam. The stubbornness in not now offering it can only be some pride thing about not admitting their darling drone isn’ fit for purpose, or there isn’t a button available on the xbox, which would show show poor interface design.

The drone really is no use, having to re-set it up every time the plane has flown past is absurd, people don’t use fly by for a one time view, they often let it loop. Then if I want a tower view I have to re-position it, and if I want to go back to fly by reposition it again etc etc, just to get one shot after which the drone is in a useless position again. That turns it all into work and in critical phases of flight I can’t be faffing around moving drones. A quick button press to see tower view I can do while flying an approach without having to pause, setting up a drone I can’t. It seems to be the drone was designed to be used by developers for marketing, and then thrown into the game since it exists, but without any thought of the different needs people playing it have.

Similarly for the lack of replay feature, I miss it almost every landing. Meanwhile, we get a space ship from Halo. Some very strange decisions were made in the making of this game.


No its NOT absolute rubbish at all! Nobody said they wanted to make presentation videos here so what are you on about? I very simply stated that ALL the fancy YOUTUBE videos of MSFS are ALL made using the ridiculous DRONE views which OFTEN MIMIC the flyby view that is absent in the sim…Drone views serve zero use in most real actual flight situations!..As for users here wanting drone views, most do NOT.
99.9% Of all flight sims have basic and better camera options than MSFS, take a look at X-plane for example and see how camera options are done properly!
I see lots of great presentation videos of other great flight sims that do not resort to employing ridiculous drones! So what are you referring to? Maybe you like the pedantic drone view options…but i assure you, you’re are in the minority!
Take X-plane again for example, you can easily zoom into your aircraft or zoom out WITHOUT zooming the whole scenery in too! Lots of simple key binding options to circle, follow, flybe, zoom in the whole frame, aircaft and scenery etc,…or just the aircraft…In MSFS you zoom into your aircraft and the scenery gets zoomed as well! Its lame, looks ridiculous and ruins the immersion and makes for very poor screen shots WITH WARPED perspective wings and other obvious issues.
X-plane despite having inferior graphics, it does have a better camera system. So does DCS WORLD…flybys ARE an important and enjoyable feature in a flight sim. Whilst i don’t bother with X-plane anymore since MSFS…i do think it has superior camera options!


Absolutely true.
DCS, XP, Aerofly, all have much better camera options.

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It is rubbish though. You are trying to speak for everyone. Just because people want a fly-by cam, doesn’t mean they don’t want the drone cam as well. The “fancy” Youtube videos you refer to wouldn’t be possible if the drone cam didn’t exist.

Here’s a thought: If you don’t like the drone cam, maybe just don’t use it? That way the people that like it can still use it, and the people that don’t like it have a choice. You are aware that you have a choice, right?

Again, I will say the following, because it doesn’t seem to be sinking in. NO ONE is saying that the drone cam is a suitable replacement for the fly by cam. Literally NO ONE has tried to claim otherwise.

As for X-Plane, yes, the camera system is superior in most aspects. Again, I never claimed otherwise. MSFS should indeed have a fly by cam. But not at the expense of the drone cam. That would be just stupid.

Finally, your comment about “most people not wanting the drone cam”. Can you actually verify this? Agai, you’re trying to speak out for others, when you clearly have no idea what others want. Just because people want a fly by cam, it doesn’t mean they want it at the cost of losing another feature.

Don’t forget, you have choice as to whether ot not you use the drone feature. Choice is always good, don’t you think? A sim with both features to make everyone happy. Nice and democratic. :blush:

Regardless of whether or not they chose the drone as a replacement for a fly by cam, there’s still no reason why they can’t have given us both. This whole “get rid of the drone cam” mentality makes zero sense when plenty of people find it to be a very useful feature. By not using it you’ve already solved your problem with the drone cam. The fly by problem is a different issue entirely.

This is the way the French are

You obviously never delt with IT developement so let me rephrase : this is the way IT developers are, regardless of their nationality.
They’ll do first what is cheap and easy and what brings most return of investment, regardless of what the end user thinks.
And they’ll do what whoever is paying them is requesting (in that case, that’s not us directly but Microsoft)

Then maybe, if they want, they will do some nice stuff for the end user.

That being said, If the drone camera would have simple controls and an easy one-click option to be turned into a spotter/tower view, I don’t mind using the drone. At the moment, it’s a pain in the back to use.


Hello dekaap, I could not agree more.

And… Soon Asobo will gift us a bunch of new airplanes and more stuff,
celebrating the 40th anniversary of MSFS. And although this is appreciated,
it would have been MUCH wiser to give us a far more precious gift,
the mentioned fly – by and tower views, and of course a solution of at least
some of the many bugs and the addition
of the many other missing BASIC features in the simulator…

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It’s now December of 2022 just a few more days until 2023 and Asobo still isn’t listening to the flightsim community. 2023 and still no flyby view or tower view.

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You’re absolutely right the flyby views and tower views should have been included in the first release, heck it should have been in the beta version. It’s clear the people who created msfs2020 weren’t flight simmers; that’s the only way this could have been feasibley left out of the simulator. And that’s the very reason the arrogant Asobo team hasn’t listened to the flightsim community. They think adding the spruce goose an aircraft although it is a part of aviation history was a total failure is more important than addind a staple part of any flightsim known to man i.e flyby and tower views.

Watching Asobo’s socalled updates that just fixes what Asobo broke in the last sim update and adding some mostly outdated and non intriguing aircraft amounts to no real updates at all.

Asobo listen we love the graphics of msfs2020 :clap: :clap: :clap: but please listen to the flightsim community and add the basics into the simulator (flyby views and tower views) if you add the tower views and flyby views you’ll find the community can stomach the other mishaps a lot better while Asobo moves forward in tweaking the simulator into the future.

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Oh I forgot to add that I think Asobo and Microsoft is going to use flyby views and tower views as a selling point for the next version of the simulator. Mark my word they were either non simmers or they left it out to sell it to us in the next pay update to the simulator.

They are going to add a fly by view someday.
Because every development update you can read “not started”
This means it will eventually come to the sim…

Guys I think we’re hoping in vain for a flyby view. I’m starting to realise that Asobo gave us the drone as a means to get a flyby view (via some long-winded process), INSTEAD of giving us the simple one-click classic flyby and tower views. They are not going to budge, much more interested in releasing new eye candy and paid content for the ignorant console crowd.

I’m treating MSFS as just another flight-sim, the one with ugly gothic buildings and WITHOUT my favourite views and instead I’m going to continue enjoying the other flight-sims that have what I like. Alas, MSFS is not THE one for me and thankfully I haven’t bought it yet, still only using it on my XBOX PC GamePass subscription.

If they give us flyby view, I will buy it. Until then, it is an incomplete product to me, like a car without rear-view mirrors - small detail, big impact. Giving us a drone in MSFS is like giving us a periscope (in car) to achieve rear-view, kinda cool, but very impractical.


So well after 2 years i started this thread and Asobo and Microsoft still arent listening us

The one thing the sim is really missing

I think its time to start emailing in bulk !